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What Common Aircon Problems Require Aircon Servicing?



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Owing to the intense heat, most people in Singapore use a residential or commercial aircon. If you frequently use an aircon without proper maintenance however, it will develop difficulties that will require costly aircon repairs or services. 

To avoid having a damaged aircon unit, you should know the common aircon issues that need aircon servicing such as the following::


Thermostat Problems

If the temperature of your room does not seem at par with your thermostat settings or your aircon unit suddenly malfunctions, then there may be a problem with your thermostat. If you are not knowledgeable enough in handling aircon issues, do not try to repair your manual or programmable thermostat by yourself. This can result in serious aircon damage and aircon emergencies which will require expensive aircon repairs. Thus, it is highly recommended to call an expert aircon technician to do the proper repairs.


Depleted Refrigerant Levels

An aircon repair and aircon gas top-up are both rigorous tasks. As such, they should be done by an aircon servicing company such as Everyworks Singapore. We provide professional aircon servicing to many homes in Singapore.


Filthy Air Filters


If your aircon unit does not release cold and refreshing air, then it might have a dirty aircon filter. Keep in mind that clogged air filters usually contain dirt, dust, and other particles which could prevent the unit from letting out cool air. 

It is ideal to have your air filters cleaned by a professional aircon maintenance company. If not, your aircon unit may suffer from serious issues.


Filthy Compressor


An outdoor compressor needs to be properly maintained and cleaned to make sure that it will function well. If you fail to do this, it could get clogged and cause the whole air conditioning unit to completely malfunction. Should you find it difficult to clean your outdoor compressor by yourself, seek help from an air conditioning service.


Blocked Drainage

If your aircon’s drain line becomes clogged with dirt, dust, and debris, the drain pan could eventually fill with water which can cause aircon water leaks to take place. If you disregard this issue, it may lead to severe damage. One of the signs that your unit has water leaks is if it experiences numerous aircon cooling problems..

When faced with this issue, it is best to avoid doing aircon repair by yourself as a leak could mean that one of the aircon parts is heavily damaged. Instead, you should contact an aircon maintenance company like Everyworks Singapore. We have a team of professionals who can do aircon repair, aircon troubleshooting, and aircon servicing instantly.




Many people think that aircon servicing is not important. Without regular aircon servicing however, your aircon could suffer from issues like water leaks, a dirty filter, clogged drain line, and more. If you fail to have these aircon issues resolved quickly, your aircon could develop damages or completely malfunction. 

Should your aircon require servicing, feel free to contact Everyworks Singapore. Our skilled aircon technicians can resolve whatever aircon issues you have without any delays. Check our price list to find out more about our servicing costs. 


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