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What Are The Functions of An Electrical Contractor?

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Every home, condo unit, or building requires electricity, and searching for professional electrical services in Singapore is quite difficult and tedious. If your electrical items experience some issues which might require electrical repair, it is ideal to hire a certified electrical contractor who has to undergo training and excellent skills.

In this article, you learn what are the functions of an electrical contractor.


Gets The Required Permits

In any major electrical services and installation, the contractor should secure the required permits in Singapore. Before engaging with an electrical contractor, you must ensure if he has the permits and licenses to proceed with the electrical work. An electrical contractor must know the technicalities and he should be trained before doing actual electrical work. All professional electricians should obey the safety measures to ensure the client’s safety and guarantee the services they give.


Hires Qualified Electrical Workers


The reputation and achievements of an electrical contractor will depend on when you hire a qualified and trusted electrician. They should acquire a license by having top-level knowledge and ability trials. Every electrician needs to perform complicated electrical troubleshooting and avoid problems happening while working. All of them should be able to learn how to properly do the job and assure that all electrical systems are functioning well.

Nowadays, many advanced technological appliances are being made to ensure that we live a comfortable daily life. A lot of these appliances depend on electric power and it also expands the contents on electrical circuits. To prevent power-trippingshort circuit, and other electrical installation difficulties from happening, you can ask to add electric circuit load. This will need the services of an electrician who knows how to check the capacity of the current electrical service and can properly add its output.


Provides An Estimate For Materials And Labour


Every project needs an estimated quotation for it to be presented to the client. Major components in doing a project are the materials and service. The services include making estimations and discussing the range of the job to the client. It also involves all the work provided for this project. An experienced electrical contractor has a portfolio of their past projects together with the number of records needed and the exact amount of materials used. Basing on the service and material record of related projects, the electrical contractor must identify proper estimation for any kind of electrical work.


Analyzes Blueprints


A blueprint is a duplicated technical drawing of an architectural structure that is used as a guide in constructing homes and buildings. It specifies where the electrical wirings are connected to, even all electrical outlets and the circuit breaker panel that runs them. It is also shown in blueprints what is installed to run telecommunication and the security camera. Blueprints nowadays have fiber optic and coaxial cables to maintain all electrical devices.

When electricians do electrical work, they should manage to study and know everything in the blueprint, as well as the acronyms, abbreviations and symbols that are in the blueprint. Before they become experts, electricians had to undergo several years of training and actual electrical service here in Singapore:


Performs Installation and Maintenance of Electrical Systems 


In every construction project, the supervising electrician should know and do all installations of:

The electrician should cooperate with the client to check all the electrical components function and conduct mandatory tests to be able to notice that everything is precise and secured.

The supervising electrician should be able to track down the issue based on the blueprints of an existing establishment when conducting an electrical troubleshoot. He must also be knowledgeable of all the electrical systems and testing equipment. When the usage of electrical appliances rises, there is a rising tension between electrical circuits. The electrician managing the project should have expertise in troubleshooting and carry out the needed modification.



When you experience a power failure, hiring a reliable electrical contractor is the best solution. Electrical contractors have the necessary knowledge and skill in servicing all kinds of electrical work. Aside from that, they provide cost estimation for both materials and labor for the project. The electrician should work together with their clients to satisfy their client’s needs.

It is ideal to seek an electrical servicing company such as Everyworks Singapore to fix and maintain all electrical systems.


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This article was reproduced from Daylight Electrician Singapore.

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