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Types Of Rubbish Chute Repairs

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Rubbish chutes are considered a vital appliance to have in any home. That said, they can experience issues from time to time just like other home maintenance products. Some common rubbish chute problems include the following:


Loose Door Hinge

It’s usually normal for the hinges of an HDB or condo rubbish chute to become loose when used frequently. However, when the door has been opened too many times or forcibly, the screws can unfasten prematurely. This can cause rodents and pests to enter the unit as well as a foul odor to be produced. A rubbish chute repair is required in that case.

The process for repairing loose hinges differs between wooden and steel rubbish chutes. Moreover, simple tightening of the screws will not resolve the problem. In fact, the type of repair required for your condo or HDB rubbish chute is dependent on how deep the damage to the screw threads is and whether erosion or rusting has occurred.

Solution: If the damage to the screw threads of your condo or HDB rubbish chute appears major, you may need to purchase a screw set. However, this might prove difficult since screw sets differ for each rubbish chute brand and model. They also require much thoroughness and patience when being used since they are incredibly tiny. So in case you experience difficulty, ask a professional handyman to help you out.


Improper Installation


When installing a condo or HDB rubbish chute, it’s vital to ensure that no gaps are left between the wall and unit. Otherwise, your rubbish chute might become loose and even detach. This is extremely dangerous as it can cause accidents and expose your home to disposed waste.

Solution: If you notice a gap behind your rubbish chute, you could simply opt for a rubbish chute handle repair. But if your unit has already incurred damage, then a rubbish chute replacement might be more feasible instead.


Damaged or Loose Door Handle

The door handle of a condo or HDB rubbish chute can become loose or damaged if it has been screwed in rather than welded. Though you can simply screw the hinge back on, it’s likely that the issue will recur in the future.

Solution: Instead of trying to tighten the screws of your rubbish chute’s loose or damaged door hinge, try reinstalling it using silicone sealant. That way, it’s less likely to suffer from atmospheric corrosion. But should this fail to resolve the problem, then hire a professional handyman to reattach a new model instead.




Rubbish chute problems can be extremely bothersome. So in case you experience any, don’t hesitate to contact Everyworks Singapore. Our professional handymen can ensure that your rubbish chute is replaced as efficiently and quickly as possible.


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