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Types of Drawer Knobs You Can Buy Your Home

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You may think that a drawer knob is only a basic piece of material that has not much operation. Although in reality, it helps to make your home look better, thus creating an impression.

It is very important to carefully choose a drawer knob if you would like to improve the look of your drawer and room. To have an idea of the different knobs you can select from, we have listed the different kinds of knobs that you can install on your drawers:


  1.  Glass Drawer Knobs


A glass drawer knob is one of the ideal knobs that you can choose from since it helps make an exquisite appearance. This type of knob uses crystal or glass material to improve its shape and guarantee maximum longevity. Most installed knobs are ideal for drawers in your dining and living room.


  1. Marble Drawer Knobs

If you would like a durable knob, then marble knobs are a very advisable choice. Clay marble knobs are trending today as they are exact, small, and detailed. Just like when they are installed on cabinets or wardrobe doors, marble knobs can surely add attraction to your drawers.


  1. Antique Drawer Knobs


Antique knobs are also known as vintage knobs, and these normally include alloy and are known to be detailed and attractive. Despite being installed as door knobs for antique wooden doors, they can also be used for cabinets and drawers. If you want to achieve a traditional theme with a classic feel for your drawers, then antique knobs are the ideal choice. If you bought this knob, let a professional handyman do the knob installation for you to avoid any impairments to your drawers.


  1. Mold Drawer Knobs

Mold knobs are well-liked for drawer knobs for many years. These knobs are usually made with air clay and are shaped in such a way that they are easy to hold. Moreover, they manage to bring out a laid-back appearance. It is also possible for these knobs to be painted with glitters to give a more fashionable and attractive look. If you want basic although colorful knobs, then mold knobs are the best choice. You can seek the services of a handyman to do the knob installation for you. Although, you must be mindful of the things to consider when hiring a professional handyman to prevent harm while installing your newly purchased knobs.


  1. Kids Drawer Knobs


The most significant thing to consider when purchasing wardrobe handles is the apparatus available for your children’s room which deserves the same recognition as the other rooms in your house. When you are choosing a knob for your kid’s drawers, you can choose from wooden drawer knobs with cartoon characters or those shaped like fruits or vegetables. It is ideal to seek the services of a handyman to avoid any failures in drilling when doing a knob installation.



For you to know what will suit your drawers, you might want to know the different types of drawer knobs before you purchase one. Glass knobs are best used for dining or living room drawers. Marble knobs are usually installed on cabinets or wardrobe drawers. Meanwhile, antique knobs are suitable on wooden doors. Then we have mold knobs on the other hand, which is a very popular choice since they are easy to hold and they can be painted in any color you want. Lastly, we have drawer knobs for your children which have different kid-friendly designs.

Once you have purchased the perfect drawer knob for your home, do not hesitate to contact Everyworks Singapore. Our handyman services can conveniently install your drawer knobs in no time.


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This article was reproduced from A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore.

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