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Tips To Consider When Placing Cabinet Knobs

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Many homeowners in Singapore ensure that their installed cabinets will match the theme of their room. To make this happen, the key is to select the suitable knobs for your cabinets. You must know the tips on placing your cabinet knob before you install them:


Cabinet Doors


Cabinet knobs must be positioned oppositely to your door hinges. You can position your knobs 2 inches to 2 ½ inches from your cabinet door’s base corner if you have wall cabinets. Unlike wardrobe knobs which are normally placed in the center, cabinet knobs are positioned in the bottom corner to easily reach it if the installed cabinet is located on a high level. Aside from that, if you install the knobs on the edge it will offer a more classic look to your cabinet.

The knobs of the base cabinets can be positioned 2-inch to 2 ½ inches from the door’s top corner. Placing your kitchen knobs close to the upper part of the kitchen cabinet door will help you reach them effortlessly without needing to stoop highly.


Cabinet Drawers


A typical problem with installed door knobs and handles, which many homeowners experiences, is how they should position them on their cabinet drawers. If you are placing your drawer knobs for your cabinets, make sure to position them centrally on the drawer door. Normal-sized drawers are typically positioned at the center of their drawer, both parallel to each other.

If you have big drawers, it is also best to position the knobs in the center in a horizontal direction, and it is near the top. Not only will your drawer look one step ahead, nevertheless, it will also be simpler for you to open and close them.

If you are having a hard time positioning your cabinet drawer knobs, it is ideal to hire a professional handyman. A good thing about hiring a handyman to do the drawer knob installation is that they can guarantee to properly execute the task of locating the center of your furniture and make sure that the knobs are perfectly installed.


Cabinet Pull-outs


Just like your installed cabinet handles and pulls, cabinet knobs properly function in most kitchen designs — classic to modern — and you can easily hold them as well. Besides that, cabinet knobs have carrying lengths for standard drawers, they also have pull-out ones.

Cabinet knobs are perfectly positioned in the center of a pull-out. Although, you can select to modify its location in a way that it will look proportionate to the bottom of your cabinet doors.

You might require two knobs if you have very broad pull-outs. To identify the correct position, you may split your pull-out into thirds and position one of the knobs located at one-third, and the next should be located at two-thirds.

Positioning your cabinet knobs in the correct location must not be tough. If you installed it wrongly, your door and drawer might result in looking unattractive. If you need help, you can seek the services of a handyman to carry out the installation of your cabinet knobs.



The important thing to remember when choosing door knobs for your cabinets is that they must match your cabinet doors and kitchen aesthetic. Once you have purchased the right knobs, it is time for installation. There are different procedures on where you are going to place your knobs. For cabinet doors, position your knobs at the bottom of the cabinet. Meanwhile, for cabinet drawers and cabinet pull-outs place them at the center of the drawer. If you are having a difficult time installing your cabinet knobs, you can seek help from a professional like Everyworks Singapore. We can let one of our professional handymen perfectly install your cabinet knobs, and we can also do any kind of handyman services at an affordable price.


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