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Things To Take Note Of When Purchasing Wardrobe Handles

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Just like door knobs and door handles, wardrobe handles are also important to the beauty of your home. It is vital to recognize which ones are suitable. Having the wrong wardrobe handles installed by a professional handyman can badly influence your home’s look, and it can also be hard for you to enter your clothes.

We have listed the things you need to take note of when purchasing wardrobe handles for your household:




When selecting door knobs and handles for your household, ensure to think about the handle style for your wardrobe. The handle should tone with the overall aesthetic of your home. It is also important that your wardrobe handles must compliment your cabinet doors and the design of your room. Make sure that it even has the proper shape to easily open and close your closet. Moreover, your wardrobe handles should also tone with your other handles, like your drawer handles.


Type of Wardrobe Handle


Wardrobe cabinet doors have various designs. Thus, it is usual that there are different kinds of wardrobe handles. It has two main groups which are visible and invisible handles.


  • Visible Wardrobe Handles


These kinds of wardrobe handles are the ones most commonly installed by many handyman services in Singapore. It has numerous models, such as pull handles, and lever handles which are very common. Pull handles are considered to be very useful for disabled people, the elderly, and young kids.


  • Invisible Wardrobe Handles

It is better if you will hire a professional handyman to do the wardrobe handle installation if you want a minimalist theme for your closet doors. However, you may require to have them cut off when your closet doors are made-to-order. There are usually types of invisible wardrobe handles you can buy. These include push latches (invisible), integrated handles (partly invisible), and hidden pulls (hardly visible).


Handle Finish


Similar to door locks, wardrobe handles come in different finishes, such as a flat finish which is fully non-reflective (black finishes are very in-demand). Handles that are antique-finished are readily available as well, and they can be used with sophisticated closets.

Remember that not all finishes for door knobs and handles appear to be the same. A matte brown handle finish from a certain brand can somewhat make a distinct look against the same type of handle from another brand. As a result, always take note of the correct similarities when picking a wardrobe handle for a specific kind of finish.

Several homeowners have their closet doors made-to-order as they want to have a special wardrobe handle which you may not find in any local hardware shop. If you are among them, you may want to have your handles made by the same handyman services who built your closet doors. Aside from assuring its stability, this is even time-saving rather than trying to look at the same handles in actual or online.



Several cabinets handles like kitchen cabinet handles are highly expensive, and they are also high maintenance. To prevent you from buying expensive handles, ensure to purchase the one within your budget. Remember that numerous wardrobe handles are inexpensive, and they also have beautiful styles which can influence your home’s interior design. Additionally, many minimalist wardrobe handles are simpler to maintain compared to the expensive ones.



The most important thing to consider when purchasing wardrobe handles is that it matches the interior design of your home or room as well as the style of your installed cabinet. If your wardrobe handle does not match your home’s aesthetic, it can negatively affect the look of the entire space. There are many wardrobe handle designs, and handle finishes that are available in stores. If you want a unique design, you can have custom-made wardrobe handles. You might want to also check your budget, especially if you want a durable and an easy to maintain wardrobe handle.

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This article was reproduced from A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore.

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