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Things to Remember When Selecting Wardrobe Knobs

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Changing your wardrobe doors is a good decision to make when you are doing a furniture assembly. This is a better way to improve the look of your room. Although, you should keep in mind that choosing the suitable wardrobe door is inadequate. Regardless of how beautiful your wardrobe door looks, it may result in looking odd if the wrong knob is installed. Thus, you should be mindful when choosing the right wardrobe knob. If you want to have a perfect knob installation, it is ideal to hire a professional knob and handle services in Singapore.

These are the things to remember when purchasing wardrobe knobs:


What to Do

Choose The Right Locking Mechanism

Just like choosing from a wide range of door knobs, there are also a lot of wardrobe door locking systems to select from. It is necessary to carefully choose the right knobs for your wardrobe. Keep in mind that there are some locks that are only made for a particular wardrobe door and it is not allowed to be used in other door types. To ensure that you select the appropriate knob, you can seek the help of a professional handyman to carry out the wardrobe knob installation or replacement for you.


Buy Enough Knobs


Whether you are purchasing cabinet knobs or drawer knobs, you must know how many knobs you need. Although this note is very obvious, a lot of buyers tend to fail by not buying the exact number of knobs. If you purchase an inadequate number of knobs, you will need to buy another set of knobs which will cost you more time and money. This also happens if you purchase many numbers of knobs. To make sure that you buy an adequate number of wardrobe door knobs, it is best to make a list before you go to a hardware shop.


Make The Necessary Measurements


An important thing to consider when purchasing wardrobe door handles and wardrobe door knobs for your home is the right sizes. When you buy a wardrobe knob that has incorrect size, it will not match the look of your wardrobe doors. You should also check if your wardrobe knobs have the correct measurements for the other parts of your wardrobe doors, thus making it easy for you to open and close them.


Be Aware of Your Budget

Regardless of what knobs you are purchasing, you should always stick to your budget. Most of the time, wardrobe door knobs are sold in bundles instead of one by one. Failure to keep track of your budget, you may purchase expensive or cheap knobs of a low-quality. You can guarantee to purchase first-rate and are affordable, know what your budget can afford.

You may think that you can buy affordable knobs, although you are having a hard time selecting, do not hesitate to contact a professional. One of the good reasons for hiring a handyman is that they can help you in selecting premium knob products at an inexpensive price. They can also do the knob and handle the installation for you as well.


What Not To Do

Not Checking The Knob’s Clearance

A usual mistake when buying knobs is that many people forget to notice if there is adequate clearance for their cabinet doors when it is opened. It is ideal to measure the distance between your doors when it is opened completely, thus avoiding any impairments to your knob.

If you are having a hard time measuring the space between your opened wardrobe doors, prevent assuming. You should hire the services of a handyman to do the knob installation services for you. This is to make sure that the knobs you have bought will allow you to completely open the cabinet doors with no harm happening.


Considering Just One Finish


Prevent choosing just one finish if you desire to have beautiful wardrobe doors. A suggestion will be buying dry bronze handles for your wardrobe doors if you have installed polished silver handles on your drawers. Trying different finishes for your wardrobe handles will guarantee that your wardrobe door locks will look attractive. Therefore, try to experiment with various handles as well as you are trying to keep the style uniform.



It is very important to know which type of wardrobe handles you are going to purchase. Failing to consider all the necessary factors such as the door locking mechanism, number of knobs, size, and your budget may cost you to waste your time and money. Always keep in mind to select the right wardrobe knobs to ensure that they will match your wardrobe doors, and do not hesitate to experiment with different kinds of knobs and handles as they can look more attractive. Once you have purchased your wardrobe knobs, contact us today. If you avail of our handyman services, we ensure to provide you with a perfect wardrobe knob installation.


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