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Things To Look Out For In HDB Rubbish Chute

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There are many types of HDB rubbish chutes which exist in the market. However, purchasing just any model isn’t enough. When picking a suitable HDB rubbish chute for your home, it’s important to ensure the unit you choose can serve you well and last for the long term. In order to do that, make sure to keep the following things in mind:

  1. Material


Like condo rubbish chutes, HDB rubbish chutes normally consist of two types of material namely stainless steel and aluminium. While both are corrosion and rust-resistant, stainless-steel isn’t scratch-proof. Nevertheless, it’s important to purchase a rubbish chute built with either material in order to minimize the need for a rubbish chute repair.

  1. Air Tightness


Since HDB rubbish chutes act as a passageway for disposed waste, it’s important to ensure that the unit you purchase is sealed air tight. Otherwise, it might end up attracting pests and cause odor to be circulated around your home. Although you could try installing a lock on your rubbish chute, this might cause your warranty to be voided. Furthermore, using duct tape might fail to secure your unit properly.

If you’re having difficulty looking for an airtight rubbish chute, try seeking help from cheap handyman services.

  1. Tensile Strength

When picking out a unit to replace your rubbish chute with, make sure to buy one with high tensile strength. This refers to how powerful a rubbish chute’s strength and weight-resistance is. To be specific, a unit with high tensile strength is less likely to experience issues such as loose hinges than one with low tensile strength.

  1. Brinell Hardness Level

Brinell hardness simply refers to how easily a unit can incur dents. Although most rubbish chutes are made of metal, there are those which easily deform due to being built with substandard material. So as you decide on a rubbish chute, try consulting a professional handyman on its brinell hardness level.

  1. Tongue Length

HDB rubbish chutes contain a component called the tongue. This is where you place your trash or plastic bag containing waste so that it can be disposed of. Many professional handymen recommend installing a short-tongued HDB rubbish chute for lower floor units. The reason for this is because it can prevent loud noises from being produced each time waste is thrown from upper floor units.



Once you’re familiar with the things to look out for in an HDB rubbish chute, you now choose an appropriate unit to install in your home. To prevent any installation problems, contact Everyworks Singapore. Besides setting up your new rubbish chute properly, we can provide you with ways on how to maintain it so that it can be used for a long time.


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