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Things to Know About Your Condo Rubbish Chute

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Many condo owners find rubbish chutes to be a much neater method for disposing rubbish than using garbage cans. That said, most fail to do their proper research before purchasing one. As such, here are some things to know about your condo rubbish chute:

  1. Condo Rubbish Chutes Are Relatively Small


Condo rubbish chutes don’t have a default size like HDB rubbish chutes. In fact, their size is often set by property management companies and is relatively small. Because of this, many condo owners often struggle with cluttered waste and are forced to dispose of their garbage through designated trash areas. Some even have to bring them all the way to centralized garbage disposal centres. To avoid such problems, make sure to hire a handyman to install a rubbish chute which can contain all your waste.

  1. Rubber Chutes With High Tensile Strength Are More Durable

Due to their small size, some condo owners forcibly stretch their rubbish chutes in order to fit all their waste. This often leads to problems such as damaged and stuck chute doors and even loose hinges. To prevent these, replace your rubbish chute with one that has high tensile strength. In case you experience difficulty while choosing a unit, have a professional handyman help you out.

  1. Repairing A Rubbish Chute Can Void Your Warranty


Because replacing rubbish chutes is quite expensive many condo owners would rather have a rubbish chute repair done whenever they experience issues. However, doing this can void your warranty. So should you face any rubbish chute problems, you might want to have a professional handyman install a new one instead.

  1. Short-tongued Rubbish Chutes Produce Less Noise

Rubbish chutes have a component called a tongue which sticks out whenever the unit is closed. It is also the area where you place your garbage bag each time you dispose of it. Many handyman services in Singapore recommend a short-tongued rubbish chute for lower floor condo units. This is to avoid loud noises from being produced each time you throw away your trash.



Now that you know some important rubbish chute facts, you can ensure that the unit you choose is one that is highly appropriate for your needs. Once you’ve picked a rubbish chute, have a professional handyman install it for you. By doing so, you can prevent any rubbish chute installation problems from occurring.


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