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Things To Consider When Hiring An Electrical Contractor

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In Singapore, electrical issues are quite a lot and it is ideal to seek the services of a certified electrical contractor to repair your electrical problems. Electricians who lack experience and do not have enough knowledge can put you at risk of electrical hazards and fatality. Hiring a licensed electrician knows any kind of electrical work as they have been trained well and passed the qualification exams.

Before working with an electrical contractor in Singapore, we have listed some tips for you to remember:


1. Make Sure The Electrician You Hire Is Licensed


It is important to hire an EMA-licensed electrician. To become a licensed electrical contractor in Singapore, he is obligated to have an Energy Market Authority (EMA) license.


2. Inspect The Details Of The Contractor And Subcontractors

Ensure that you hire an electrician that is either an electrical contractor or a licensed electrician. If subcontractors were involved by your electrician, check if they are licensed as well. You will be prone to accidents if it happens that the subcontractor or emergency electrician is not licensed.


3. Check The Type of Warranty Offered By The Contractor

It is your right to ask for the warranty given out by the electrical contractor. Ensure that the warranty includes the complete service. Furthermore, look at the duration of the warranty, hence you won’t miss the advantages of the service.


4. Check How Much Experience The Electrical Workers Have


Check if the licensed electrician has enough knowledge and years of experience in the electrical service field. Before you hire an emergency electrician, check if they are at least 4 or 5 years in the industry as they can assist you in fixing every electrical difficulty.


5. See To It That The Electrical Contractors Are Aware Of The Code Of Practices Issued By EMA


A professional electrical contractor must be updated with the EMA’s code of practices. Under the code of practices, it sets the four standards of performance that should be followed by the electrician while conducting electrical works. The EMA’s code of practices is frequently updated to guarantee excellent electrical services in Singapore.

Listed above are the points you must check before engaging with electrical contractors. You should consider the safety precautions every time and lookup for relevant information that you should know about to obtain a secured living at home.



Before you engage with an electrical contractor or an emergency electrician, make sure that they are qualified enough to proceed in performing electrical works. An EMA-licensed electrician can guarantee excellent and safe electrical work. Aside from the license, they should also possess the following as their complete job information, warranty, years of experience, and knowledge of the code of practices which is issued by the Energy Market Authority.

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This article was reproduced from Daylight Electrician Singapore.

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