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Things To Consider Before Changing Door Locks



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Door locks are designed to ensure that you and your home are well-protected. That said, it’s important to replace them from time to time in order to minimise the chances of a security risk. In case you wish to replace your door lock, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of Everyworks Singapore.

With our crew of professional handyman, we can guarantee your safety and security through a variety of services such as door handle replacement, door lock replacement, and door lock cylinder replacement. In addition, we make sure to use the best materials possible for your door parts to be as durable as possible. Our door repair services are also immensely affordable, thereby providing you with low-cost and excellent home maintenance services.










When To Replace Your Door Lock


If your door lock fails to function properly, then it may need to undergo a door lock repair or a door lock replacement to ensure your security. The following are some cases wherein a door lock replacement is necessary:

  1. Damaged Locks

Examining your door locks regularly is needed to ensure that they function properly. If the locks display some signs of rusting, then a door lock repair may no longer be viable and they should be replaced immediately. This is because rust can damage your locks significantly, thereby enabling intruders to break into your home easily. In order to prevent this and to guarantee your safety, replacing your door lock with a more durable model is vital.


  1. Stolen or Misplaced Keys

Disassembling and replacing your door locks with newer models is your sole option if you happen to have lost your keys. That way, you can minimize any security risk even if your keys have fallen into the wrong hands. For your locks to be dismantled and replaced properly, make sure to contact a handyman in Singapore.

  1. After A Security Breach

If you’ve experienced a break-in, it’s possible that intruders may have caused your lock to be damaged or loose. In that case, have a reputable door repair service replace your door lock including your door lock cylinders to prevent further security breaches.

  1. When You Have New Tenants

One challenge of having tenants is that they can gain access to your home with the use of duplicate keys. In order to prevent this occurrence, it’s important to regularly replace or recode your locks. To have this process done quickly, call for assistance through cheap handyman services.














Factors To Consider When Replacing Your Door Lock


  • How Much Security You Require

Prioritizing your security is vital when replacing your locks. As such, make sure that your new locks provide the utmost protection to your home. You can do this by purchasing high-quality and durable locks which are guaranteed to last over a long period. To make sure your locks are installed properly, have an experienced handyman set them up for you.

  • Door Lock Upgradeability

To ensure that you get the best security possible, purchase locks which are easily upgradeable. This means that they should be flexible enough to adapt to any enhancements designed to improve their functionality. Contact a cheap handyman service to assist you with this process.

  • Door Lock Cost

All door locks are priced differently. As such, it’s important to search for door locks which are affordable for you and which don’t need to undergo any form of door lock repair in the near future. This process shouldn’t be too difficult as many outlets provide high-quality door locks at low costs. Everyworks Singapore provides reliable and affordable handyman prices for door lock repair services, where we also include the price of the door lock.


How To Replace Your Door Locks More Affordably

If you’re searching for a more affordable way to enhance your door locks, then consider having them rekeyed. Not only is this procedure more cost-friendly, but it can also upgrade your home’s security system. Have a professional handyman assist you with this process if necessary.

  • Try purchasing high-quality door lock cylinders as well as new door knobs.
  • You can also re-key your existing door knobs and door bolts. But should you experience difficulty doing so, don’t hesitate to contact professional door repair services to assist you.
  • Another option you can consider is to re-install your new deadbolts and door knobs once they’re re-keyed. That way, you can prevent any security breaches since no intruder will have access to the key codes.


How Much Does Replacing A Door Lock Cost?

Replacing a door lock is one of the more affordable forms of maintenance available in the market. In case you wish to avail of one of our door repair services, don’t hesitate to view our price list for more information.

The price for replacing a door lock depends on a number of factors which include the following:

  • Lock Replacement Technique. Replacing a door lock depends on the type of door lock you are seeking to install, which may require different tools. As such, having it done by an experienced handyman will buy you the convenience compared to doing it on your own.
  • Quality of New Door Locks. High-quality door locks and electronic door locks will naturally cost more compared to other lock types. That said, it’s still vital to purchase a high-quality door lock to ensure that you get the best security possible for your home.
  • Door Type. Normally, front door locks and exterior locks differ in pricing since their installation processes vary. To know which type of lock your door requires, seek guidance from an experienced handyman.

Tip: To acquire more affordable door repair servicing, consider providing your own door lock and replacement materials.











How To Replace Your Door Locks


Replacing your locks isn’t as complicated as it seems. In fact, it’s actually a simple and affordable process which anybody can complete quickly. The following are steps on how to do a door lock replacement:

  1. Before purchasing a door lock, make sure to estimate your door knob’s size and length to ensure that your door lock fits properly.
  2. Once you’ve estimated your door knob’s measurements, you can start canvassing for a suitable door lock. Ask for guidance from a salesperson if necessary. When searching for a door lock, take note that they vary according to security level. But in case you’re after a specific brand or design, then canvassing online may be a better option.Available door locks usually come in sets and include different components such as the door handle, door lock cylinder, door lock knob, strike plate, a brand new key, and screws for assembly. To make sure your door lock is installed correctly, contact a professional handyman for assistance.
  3. As you would when doing a door lock repair, it’s important to prepare the required tools when doing a door lock replacement. These include a small drill for making new holes for the lock and strike plate, a screwdriver for affixing the parts, as well as a pencil and ruler for making the correct measurements.
  4. At this stage, detach the door lock, door bolt, and the strike plate fixed to the door frame. Make sure to let a professional handyman assist you with this process to ensure that no other parts are mistakenly removed.
  5. Now, install the parts of your door lock starting with the deadbolt followed by the lock and strike plate. Make sure that the parts are screwed in properly so that they don’t loosen.
  6. Once you’ve installed your new lock, make sure that it functions properly. If it doesn’t seem to be moving smoothly, feel free to lubricate it with WD40. This kind of maintenance is necessary for your lock to last over a long period

Needless to say, the most convenient way to properly replace your door locks is by seeking the assistance of a professional handyman. So contact one right now in case you’re experiencing issues with your door lock, but make sure to keep the proper tips on hiring in mind. You can also avail of our door repair services if you wish. Whichever option you decide, make sure that the door lock you choose guarantees your security in the long term.


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