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Steps To Repair A Stiff Door Handle

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Just like door knobs, door handles can bring about problems if they are not used properly or if there are installation problems. One problem is that when a door handle becomes stiff, this is caused by forced entry. To address this problem immediately, ensure to remember the following:


Reasons Behind A Stiff Door Handle

The most essential component of a door handle is the tubular latch. This part is situated within the door handle and it contains a combination of apparatus that allows you to open and close it. It also consists of a metal bar or a spindle that revolves around a metal disc fixed inside the latch. If you turn the latch, the force immediately transmits to the internal set of springs that pulls in the latch tongue which allows the door to open. When a pull or lever handle is stiff, it is a sign of an underlying problem with the latch which will need to undergo door handle repairs.


Steps For Fixing A Stiff Handle?

Step One: Detach The Door Handle


Collect all the essential repair tools to fix your stiff door handle. Get rid of the handle from the door using your screwdriver. Regardless of what kind of door handle you have, it will decide how basic or complex it will be to get rid of the bolts and screws installed onto the door. If the bolts and screws are detached, smoothly pull the handle from the door frame. Examine the handle if it has a small grub screw on its handle neck, which may hinder it from coming out evenly. If there are any existing, use a wrench to detach them.


Step Two: Inspect Handle For Obstructions or Damage


If you have effectively got rid of the handle from the frame of the door installation, examine for any indications of impairment that is due to an entry of a foreign object. While holding the handle you had installed by a professional handyman, pull it for how many times and check for any differences. Make sure to also examine if the installed spring on the back cam of the door handle is damaged or disappeared. In this case, it will need to undergo repair or replacement, then apply WD40 onto the handle to moisturize and detach the captured parts.


Step Three: Detach The Latch


If the door handle installed by your handyman is still functioning well, then the following part to examine is the tubular latch. Gently get rid of the latch by unscrewing both screws from the latch faceplate on the door’s side. Afterward, let the tubular latch slide, and once you have disconnected the tubular latch from the door frame, you can now properly check it.


Step Four: Examine The Latch Body

Check the latch body to notice any indications of damage. Always remember that a stiff door handle might cause minor installation problems like a detached latch spring. You can also push the latch bolt tongue by using your index finger and see if it still operates well.

If the latch body has only small problems, you can have it repaired by a professional handyman. If not, it requires a complete replacement.


Step Five: Examine the Latch’s Rotating Lungs

Even if the latch body of a door knob or handle seems to be working fine it does not imply that the latch itself does not have any problem. If you are done checking the latch body, make sure to also inspect the latch’s rotating lungs. Keep in mind that many tubular latches come with two rotating lungs on two margins which let the spindle move along. When the lungs are clogged with grime and other contaminants, it could affect the latch’s system.



You may think that the latch body of your door knob or handle is in good condition since you can still open and close your door properly. It is important to closely check your door latch since this component is considered to have underlying issues. If you have checked the latch, make sure to also inspect the latch’s rotating lungs as it can be clogged with dirt or debris. If you encounter this issue, engage with the services of a handyman from Everyworks Singapore. They have the right door repair tools to efficiently fix your stiff door handle.


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This article was reproduced from A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore.

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