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Steps For Fixing A Loose Drawer Knob

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Most drawers have an installed knob or pull to let the user open it simply. After a while, drawer knobs can detach because of several causes. There are some instances wherein the detach knob comes off in the hand of a person while opening the drawer.

Another reason why a drawer knob detaches is because of damaged wood. In other cases, there might be an issue with the screw and how it has been fixed. Nonetheless, it is recommended to repair the loose knob immediately or hire the services of a professional handyman to fix it in order for you to continually use your drawer.

If you want to repair a loose knob alone, remember the following process:



Unfasten The Knob


This is just like repairing a loose door handle, the first thing you need to do is to unfasten the knob from the drawer. In that case, you can easily determine the reason why the knob has been loose. There are some instances wherein the wood of the drawer might suffer from impairment owing to the cheap material that is used for the drawer. If not, it can be because of a great force.



Fill The Hole With Glue


Once you have examined the impairment on the door knob of your drawer, fill up the space with toothpicks, and apply enough wood glue. The toothpicks will serve as a replacement for the injured wood. Then wait at least a day to let the glue dry off before reconnecting the drawer knob.



Detach The Screws

Just like installed knobs of cabinet doors and wardrobe doors, drawer knobs are usually installed with screws. In most instances, the screws are damaged which causes the knob to detach. Therefore, once you apply glue into the hole where the knob is located, get rid of the screws and check any impairments. If you notice any indication of harm, you may purchase brand-new screws of the same sizes from your nearby hardware shop.



Fill The Thread Cavity With Glue

No matter what kind of knobs are installed, most knobs normally come off due to frequent pressure which is why the threads fix the screws to break up. Once you get rid of the screws, apply the glue into the thread cavity to make sure that the screws are re-attached. If you have done this, let the glue dry for at least a day.



Reinstall The Knob


If the glue has already dried up, you may now screw the knob back to the drawer. However, if the knob is still loose, it is advisable for you to buy brand-new knobs and door handles from your nearby hardware shop.




Repairing drawer knobs is simple if you just follow the steps and if you have the right tools. The reason behind a loose drawer knob is because of damaged wood pieces or there might be a problem with the screw itself. The first step is to unscrew the knob, then apply glue into the hole. You also need to get rid of the screws, and pour glue into the thread cavity. The last thing you need to do is to re-attach the knob once the glue is completely dry. If you are having a hard time to repair your loose drawer knob, you may contact Everyworks Singapore. Once you hire one of our professional handymen, they can guarantee that their drawer knob repair services are efficient.


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This article was reproduced from A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore.

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