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Signs You Should Call A New Electrical Contractor

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Many homeowners in Singapore engage with an electrical contractor to do electrical installation and repair. It is ideal to employ a qualified and experienced contractor to carry out outstanding electrical work. However, if the one you hired is liable to cause errors that can result in dangerous hazards, it is best to change your contractor. Though looking for a reliable electrical contractor may spend quite some time, it will surely help you in not worrying about the electrical repairs.

We have provided some signs on when you should engage with a new electrical servicing provider:


Unprofessional Behaviour


Showing unprofessional behavior would cause any customer or client to cut off their deal. A professional contractor knows how to work well with their clients and part of their job is to answer all their client’s inquiries. Transparency to clients about the prices, time, and other details is important in electrical services. Part of their job as well is to quickly answer calls and they shall follow the deadline or the terms of an agreement they had with their clients. Either you are searching for a commercialized or an HDB electrician, you should think about it before hiring. 


Refusal To Acquire Permits

Hiring a contractor with proper permits is crucial in circuit breaker services or electrical installation and repair. There is a high possibility that contractors without a license will disagree in getting the permits. There are also some occasions wherein they will need the clients to redeem the permits for them, and this must be prevented as this means that your client is also responsible in case of any mishap during the electrical work. In such instances, the client must look for another electrical contractor who can get the permits.


Refusal of Other Payment Methods Besides Cash

Other electrical contractors in Singapore allow cash payments only. In some cases, the customers are being scammed by their contractors by getting a generous cash advance and they will cut contact with their customers before they even start working. Therefore, you cannot recover your payment since cash payments are difficult to track down. Reliable electrical contractors have a stable working relationship with their customers and they usually allow payments in a cheque. Prior to hiring a contractor, ensure that they are good and trustworthy. If your contractor persists to pay in cash, chances are high that he does not have a payment record or he does not want to be discovered.


Absence Of A License


Only licensed electricians are allowed to perform electrical works to guarantee quality services and they follow the safety guidelines implemented by the authorities. Clients may also file a complaint or appeal for a change if they are displeased with the service provided. It can be easily identified if the contractor you hire is licensed as they must show their license ID. In case that the contractor cannot give their license information, they are not probably licensed. 


Incomplete Contract

In any complicated electrical work, the contractor must make an agreement in which the job description is clear and understandable. For instance, you wanted to have an electrical installation in your home, the contractor then must lay out a contract stating the prices of each material, work, duration, the payment terms, and agreement. Ensure that the contract is completely understandable in order to prevent further arguments. It is recommended to look for a new contractor if the current contractor does not give you a contractor that provides you with incomplete details. 


No Insurance From Workers


Generally, electrical work such as electrical troubleshooting is a very dangerous job. It may cause you to harm even if it is a tiny error, thus it is ideal to contact a reliable electrical contractor with electricians that are insured. Let us say that the contractor did not provide insurance, the customer then will be held responsible for damages and payables in any kind of emergency. There are numerous affordable electricians in Singapore, which are easier to find, although before hiring them, you might want to consider hiring insured electricians instead. 


Extremely High Deposit


Cheap electricians in Singapore are the ones who will demand deposits before they even start to work. Typically, the customer must deposit less than 20% of the total amount. Still, there are some contractors who demand 50% or more deposit. Unfortunately, after these contractors get hold of the large deposit, they cut off their connection with the client or they give a poor work performance since they are not anymore responsible. It is better not to engage with contractors who are asking for a deposit which is 50% or more. Instead, find a contractor who will provide you a complete contract, proper electrical repair and installation, and affordable services fees.




Looking for a reliable electrical contractor may be quite difficult to find therefore, it is important to look over several factors before you even hire a contractor to conduct electrical services. Reputable contractors should show good behavior, lay out a complete and detailed contract, take charge in fixing the permits, only accept payments in a cheque, the electricians are insured, and lastly, he should be a licensed contractor to ensure the quality of work is done professionally.

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This article was reproduced from Daylight Electrician Singapore.

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