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Safety Tips To Remember During Electrical Installation

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In any electrical installation always be mindful, since it can lead to serious harm when you create even just a small mistake. It is important to follow safety measures before engaging in electrical work. This is to ensure proper electrical installation and avoiding further accidents.

Are you going to do an electrical installation? Follow the list of safety installation tips:



  • Keep in Mind That all Electrical Devices Are Live: All electrical items should be handled carefully and correctly, as there is a possibility that you can be harmed by electrocution or electrical burn. That is why you must be extra careful when doing electrical work. A common misconception about live wires is that they are very dangerous. Electrical safety is important to know since a lot of people are clueless about the different types of electrical outlets and wires.



  • Shut Down The Power Source: Make sure to always shut down the main power source before managing any electrical issues for safe electrical work. When you are done with your electrical installation, you may now turn on the power source and check if the device is properly functioning. If you’re going to hire a licensed electrical contractor, verify if they also follow the specific electrical guidelines.


  • Make Sure To Have The Right Insulation: Make sure that all tools that are going to be used in electrical installation have protected handles. Check the handle material if it is a nonconductor to guarantee that there would be no possible accidents.


  • Keep Your Hands Safe: Electrical services are done by physical work it is best to keep your hands away from something that is not familiar. When doing electrical work, make sure to keep your hands dry, wear rubber insulating gloves, and anti-static footwear such as leather shoes. A reliable electrician is knowledgeable in electrical safety.


  • Use Only One Hand: Using both of your hands would greatly increase the current flow since the current flows faster when it recognizes the chest cavity. Therefore, it is highly suggested to use one hand when doing electrical work while keeping the other hand distanced from any electrical conductors.


  • Take Note of The Electrical Installation’s Location: It is important to check first the location where the electrical installation should be, before executing the work. Avoid installing in rooms that are very cold and can cause moisture, as it might have possible hazards.


  • Assist The Electricians: It is not highly suggested to conduct electrical work alone. You may help the electrician when it has several electrical problems, such as turning off the main power source and prevent from touching the person. Licensed electricians in Singapore should know these safety rules.




All kinds of electrical work should be properly carried out by following the basic safety rules first. In electrical installation, it is highly recommended to hire an expert in this field. You may contact Everyworks Singapore to help you by providing licensed electricians who can guarantee your safety while doing the proper electrical services.


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This article was reproduced from Daylight Electrician Singapore.

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