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Reasons Why Your Singapore Electrical Socket Stopped Working

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Most electrical appliances are seen as very complicated “machines” with several working components. If any of these working parts get broken or damaged, then the whole appliance would stop working and be deemed unusable. Like electrical components in a household appliance, a Singapore electrical socket might also become faulty due to wear-and-tear.

Here are other reasons why a Singapore electrical socket may stop working:


1. Open Circuit

A Singapore electrical socket is unlikely to work if there is an opening in the circuit resulting from a poor power socket installation or age. As such, an open circuit can also result from a gap or break in the electrical wiring. This point in the circuit is where electricity cannot pass at all. The most common reason behind this is a loose wire, which can lead to several other electrical outlet failures.


2. Short Circuits

Short circuits can also cause circuit breakers to trip. When short circuits occur, it cuts the flow of the current in the electrical wiring and causes a Singapore electrical socket to completely stop working.

This occurs when a hot wire accidentally touches a ground wire, which then provides a path to the earth. It will then cause the electricity to run off the circuit, leading to the circuit breaker eventually tripping. A wall socket installation with a circuit that comes with some ground fault interrupting decide will also cause the circuit breaker to trip.


3. Faulty Outlet

A defective, corroded, or poorly installed electrical outlet is subject to malfunction. Nevertheless, these are quite cheap as well as easy to replace. If you find that neither the triggered breaker box or the blown fuse is the reason behind the faulty outlet, then troubleshoot the Singapore electrical socket itself.

In this case, you should shut down the circuit where the outlet is connected. Just unscrew the outlet and make sure that the wires are properly linked.


4. Wire Nut Electrical Wiring

A wire nut connects two or more wires together and is designed to keep them securely covered. This protects any exposed wires that may lead to potential dangers. A licensed electrician may also use wire nuts to make a connection between electrical wirings. Utilising them for anything else besides these reasons will cause various problems with the inner wiring and eventually lead to the Singapore electrical socket to stop working. Remember these things when you are about to install an electrical outlet.

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5. Wrong Kind of Device for Wiring

When talking about electrical wirings, there are two kinds of metal wires available namely, copper or aluminium. The copper is considered to be the stronger metal between these two. Hence, copper wiring is used for most electrical devices. While aluminium can also be used, this may lead to more complications. This is because aluminium is a brittle metal and has high resistance to electricity. Therefore, if your home has aluminium wiring then it is also likely to create problems for you. To prevent future problems on your Singapore electrical socket, do consider using copper wirings when doing an electrical powerpoint installation.

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