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Daikin (Inverter) – SYSTEM 1 AIRCON (RKS25GVMG / FTKS25DVM)

This Daikin System 1 Inverter model RKS25GVMG / FTKS25DVM provides 8530 BTU cooling capacity, perfect for a small to medium sized bedroom.

Brand: Daikin Inverter
Outdoor Unit: RKS25GVMG (765 X 285 X 550)mm
Indoor Unit: FTKS25DVM (800 X 195 X 283)mm
Function/Type: Cooling Wall Mounted/Inverter
Capacity: 8500 BTU/hr for Outdoor Unit
NEA Rating: 2 Ticks


  •    5 years on compressor
  •    1 year on other spare parts

An additional $130 applies for a Stainless Steel Bracket.


We provide aircon installation and a range of other aircon services. For aircon installation consultation, customised package and other enquiries, please Whatsapp +65 8241 0032.

Build a cool environment with Daikin inverters. With our inverters’ powerful operation, cooling performance is boosted the moment you turn on the aircon or when you change the temperature. Our revolutionary technology allows precise temperature control that constantly readjusts itself to the environment and changing occupancy. It is powerful and energy-efficient, providing a comfortable environment for every room.

CATEGORY System 1 Wall-mounted
DESCRIPTION Condenser Unit Wall-mounted unit
POWER SUPPLY 220-240 V / 1 Phase / 50 Hz
DIMENSION(WxDxH)(mm) 765 X 285 X 550 800 X 195 X 283
WEIGHT(kg) 32 9
CAPACITY(BTU/hr) 8500 8530


  1. Intelligent Eye Mode – Automatically varies aircon cooling power by sensing human movement in a room using an infrared sensor
  2. Quiet Sound Levels of 22 dB for FTKS25DVM
  3. Stylish, compact design compared to other 2 Tick systems
  4. High-Quality Clean Air with Daikin’s Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic air purifying filter that absorbs and decomposes bacteria, viruses, and impurities effectively
  5. Night Set Mode – Prevents excessive cooling for pleasant sleep where room temperature is raised by 0.5 C after 60 minutes of cooling operation.



• 5 years on compressor 

 • 1 year on other spare parts



  • 6 months warranty from the date of installation