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Is It Possible to Fix Noisy Aircon Noise by Yourself

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An installed air conditioning unit is very convenient especially when the weather is very hot in Singapore. This appliance will give you the comfort and cool air that you need. It can be bothersome if your aircon unit has a noise especially when you are watching your favorite movies or tv series. Thus, it is an indication that your aircon must undergo repair. However, before you engage the services of a professional aircon servicing company, there are several steps you can follow to minimize the aircon noise.


Frequent Causes of Aircon Noises

Dirty Fan Coil


To repair a noisy aircon unit, we need to determine the root of the problem first. The usual cause is the contaminants collected on the fan coil. This happens when your aircon unit did not undergo regular aircon servicing for a long period. For this reason, it will block the proper airflow.

Waste on External Compressor Unit

The other reason for aircon noise is the build-up of waste on the external compressor unit. The exterior compressor unit serves several roles such as distribution of air into the condenser coil, getting rid of the humidity and heat, and dissolving the refrigerant. If the compressor is filthy and accumulates waste, it can block the airflow which causes the unit to produce noise. If this aircon issue is not solved as soon as possible, the waste can detach the parts in the external compressor unit and can result in a louder noise.


How to Lessen Aircon Noise

Cleanse The Fan Coil


Another cause of aircon noise is a dirty fan coil, and this aircon part can be easily cleaned to lessen the noise. However, try not to use strong chemical products as they could cause harm. The best alternative is to use a slightly wet cloth and remove the dirt from the fan coil. Before placing it back in the unit, make sure that it is completely dry. It is highly suggested to follow tips on aircon cleaning to analyze the procedure.

Inspect The External Compressor Unit


The other cause for the noise is from the external compressor unit. Make sure to inspect the external compressor unit, and if you spot waste, get rid of it immediately to enhance the airflow and remove the aircon noise. That said, opening the external unit by yourself is not advisable as it has numerous aircon parts that are sensitive to handle. If it is not done by a professional, you might cause harm to the unit.



An aircon noise is such an inconvenience especially if you want to spend your day in a quiet and relaxed mood. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to lessen the aircon noise such as cleaning the fan coil and checking the external unit compressor. However, if the aircon noise persists even after following the steps, it is ideal that you contact an aircon servicing company like Everyworks Singapore. We have a team of aircon technicians who have the knowledge, expertise, and proper aircon repair tools to solve any aircon noise.


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