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How To Replace A HDB Rubbish Chute

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Like door locks and other appliances, HDB rubbish chutes can sometimes experience certain issues. Some of these issues can be resolved via a simple rubbish chute repair. Most of the time, however, a rubbish chute replacement is necessary. To know if you need to change your rubbish chute, feel free to explore the following reasons for a rubbish chute replacement:


Like condo rubbish chutes, many HDB rubbish chutes in the market come in many different brands and materials. As a result, certain models are less durable than others. Those made from inferior metal in particular are more likely to experience rusting. When this happens, your HDB rubbish chute can become difficult to open and close and can even malfunction. So in that case, have it replaced by a professional handyman immediately.



Besides rusting, HDB rubbish chutes made of substandard material can incur dents. This can prevent the unit from closing properly thereby exposing your home to undisposed garbage. Thus, once you notice dents around your rubbish chute, hire a professional handyman to replace it immediately.

Foul Odor

If your rubbish chute emanates a certain odor despite not looking damaged, it’s vital to have it replaced by a professional handyman immediately. Otherwise, you might end up inhaling toxic fumes which are dangerous to your health.

Loud Noises

Some homeowners complain of their HDB rubbish chute producing loud bangs each time trash passes through the refuse chute from upstairs. This can be an indication that the unit’s tongue is too short. So if you notice loud noises from your rubbish chute, engage cheap handyman services in Singapore to replace it with a longer-tongued model.

Water Leaks

Some people prefer to have their HDB rubbish chutes installed beside a water source. However, this makes them prone to leaking in case plumbing issues such as a pipe burst occurs. When this happens, the unit becomes more prone to rusting and other forms of damage. Should your rubbish chute incur any leaks, immediately have it replaced by a professional handyman as soon as possible.




It’s important to repair your rubbish chute as quickly as possible once it shows signs of damage. This is because any untended issues can cause accidents and even infestations to take place. Furthermore, they can compromise your health and the health of those who step foot in your home.

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