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How To Repair A Loose Lever Handle

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Door handles are the most suitable substitute for door knobs. Owing to the fact that they are a lot more helpful for people with weaker grasps such as young kids and old people. Moreover, you can easily open door handles even when you are holding many things.

Just like cabinet and wardrobe handles, door handles suffer from harm which will begin to detach. To let door handles function well again, they must undergo some minimal repairs. Luckily, you can repair your loose door lever handle by yourself, given that you will need to pay attention to the following steps.


Repairing A Loose Handle With No Visible Screws

Many modern door handles are created with covered screws for artistic purposes. Usually, door handles include a detent to repair the handle against the plate. The detent has a metallic pin that is spring-loaded, and it is intended to prevent the handle from detaching.

Pay attention to these guidelines when fixing a detached door handle without visible screws:


Look For The Detent Access Holes

You first need to look for the detent entry holes. It normally has a tiny hole, which can be located on the side of most door knobs and handles. If you have spotted the holes, use your flathead screwdriver to push down the pin and get rid of the handle from the spindle shaft to reveal the base.


Detach The Base


If the base of your door handle has been revealed, get rid of it by thoroughly loosening the ring with a flathead screwdriver. Prevent creating harm to the cover plate during the procedure.


Examine The Screws

If you have successfully gotten rid of the base of your installed door handle, you can notice the formerly uncovered screws. Examine them properly to find any indications of impairment. If there are no impairments, you can tighten up the screws again. However, if you spot any impairments, handle replacements are required. After you re-tightened the screws and after fixing the backplate, put the ring to cover the latter. The next thing you should do is to put back the handle onto the spindle shaft and turn it to click in place.


Repairing A Loose Door Handle With Exposed Screws

There are some door handles that are created with uncovered screws. If your door handle is harmed, follow these steps on how to repair them:


Examine the Screws

You must inspect your installed handle for any form of impairment. If you encounter door lock or handle problems while checking the screws of your door handle, try to disassemble your door handle (read above to see the following steps). By doing so, you can recognize if they can be fixed or if it is completely impaired.


Retighten The Screws


When the screws of your door handle do not have any signs of complete impairment, just tighten it up again with a screwdriver, or have handyman services install a handle with brand-new and more stable screws.


Reasons Behind Loose Door Handles


Generally, even if your door handles were installed by a professional handyman, they can become loose since screws are naturally detaching over time. There are also some instances wherein the screws are seriously damaged. Keep in mind that door handles collect various types of grime and filth after a while. Once the dirt and dust have scattered through the inner components, its system will be damaged. That being so, you will need to get rid of the grime.



If you encounter a loose door handle, you will not need to call a handyman to fix it as you only need to follow simple steps. If your lever handle has no visible screws, the first thing you need to do is look for the entry holes, detach the base, and retighten them. Meanwhile, if your screws are visible you just simply need to retighten the screws. The reason why a door handle becomes loose is that the inner parts of it have accumulated dirt, and you will need to completely remove it to bring back the proper mechanism of your door handles.

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