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How To Repair A Loose Cabinet Knob

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Many small cabinets have a knob installed to let the user open and close the cabinet smoothly. Having said that, these knobs can detach after a while owing to their cheap standard, frail material, and continuous usage. No matter what the cause is, this problem turns out to be difficult. The good thing is, you can easily fix this by following these procedures:


Unscrew The Loose Knob


Normally, a cabinet knob installation is used by a screw to make it properly placed with one or two screws that are usually installed on the interior side of the cabinet door. The number of screws used for fixing the knob may differ depending on the knob style. To get rid of the knob, use the correct screwdriver and turn around the screw counterclockwise until the knob is removed.


Detach The Screw

Detach the screw from the cabinet holes after unbolting the knob.


Examine The Threads

If you have successfully detached the screws, make sure to check it meticulously for any indications of impairment. If you notice any, it is advisable to replace your knobs from your nearby hardware shop.


Examine the Hole For Debris


Inspect the holes from where the knob was installed for any indications of litter to prove if they may be the primary reason for your detached cabinet knob. Metal debris usually specifies metal screw installation problems. However, wooden litter is an indication that several door materials are facing deterioration. If the section of wood is showing big impairments, and there are some wood adhesives that might be required to appropriately reattach the screws. Keep in mind to let the glue rest at least one day before placing the screws again to let the adhesive dry fully.


Place A Washer

If you put a washer to cover your screw, it will stop the knob from detaching to the cabinet door. All you need to do is put it underneath the screw’s head. You can easily get the right washer from a nearby hardware shop. If the washer’s price is within your budget, then it is advisable to buy several washers in case of being misplaced.


Re-Attach the Screw


Once you have put the washer onto the screw, start drilling your wall to affix the screw back into the knob’s hole. If your knob has many screws, ensure that they are furnished and secured. After doing this step, do DIY drilling to re-attach the knob in a clockwise manner to ensure that it stays in place.



If you have a detached cabinet knob, you might want to solve this problem yourself as we have provided the following steps. The first thing that you need to do is to unscrew the knob and remove the screws. Next is to inspect the thread and examine the holes for any litter. The following step is to place the washer onto the screw to prevent it from detaching. Lastly, re-attach the screw to secure the knob. In case you are unsure of what you are doing, do not hesitate to call Everyworks Singapore. We have a team of professional handyman who can fix your detached cabinet knobs at an affordable price.


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This article was reproduced from A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore.

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