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How To Prevent HDB Circuit Breaker Trips

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]Knowing how to prevent circuit breaker power trips from happening in your HDB flat is vital. This is because they can be extremely bothersome and can even cause electric socket and switch shocks. Moreover, they can result in other electrical problems as well.

Once you know  how to prevent HDB circuit breaker trips, you can lessen the need to call an electrician for any electrical repairs. But before that, learn more about why they happen in the first place.


What Causes A Circuit Breaker To Trip?


Like power sockets and light switches, circuit breakers can experience a power trip due to a sudden overflow of current. This is commonly referred to as an overload and usually manifests as a sudden spark.

HDB circuit breakers consist of different amp ratings. What this basically means is that some circuit breakers can handle more electricity than others. Older houses with fewer electrical outlets tend to models with lower amp ratings. As a result, they’re more likely to experience trips when many home appliance products and devices are used at the same time. This can then lead to a fire hazard if the spark affects combustible objects nearby. It’s important to remember that even though circuit breakers are meant to protect against such hazards, they can only do so at a certain limit.

Besides a power overload, HDB circuit breaker trips are also caused by the following:


Ground Faults

A ground fault is one possible reason why a circuit breaker trip can occur and cause your home’s lights installations to go out. This takes place when electrical current flows directly into the ground. Due to the decrease in resistance which follows, a power trip eventually occurs.

Ground faults are caused by a variety of factors. Besides high humidity and frozen power lines, they can also happen due to damaged electrical wiring. So if your home’s cables have long been in use and show signs of wear and tear, immediately have an electrical wiring repair or replacement done.


Short Circuits

Short circuits are among the leading causes of HDB circuit breaker trips. These happen when current is allowed to flow constantly without interruption.

As you would when doing other electrical works, be sure to equip yourself with a flashlight when inspecting the source of your circuit breaker’s short circuit. Once you have that, try disabling your main power supply and reset the electric trip switch. If the power trip recurs, then it’s likely that burnt or loose electrical wiring is the main cause. If not, then you might need to call an electrical contractor to conduct electrical troubleshooting for you.


Some Tips On Preventing HDB Circuit Breaker Trips



Here are some safety tips which you should follow in order to prevent a power trip from taking place:

  • Always unplug electrical appliances which are not in use from your electrical sockets. This is because electricity can still flow through their electrical wirings even when they’re turned off.
  • Try to limit the number of electrical appliances you plug in, especially during warm conditions. Connecting several appliances which are known to consume power heavily into your power socket installations can lead to a major power trip.
  • If you only have a few electrical outlets installed, make sure not to plug-in several high energy consuming appliances in a single area. Also avoid using an extension cord to prevent a power overload from taking place.
  • Even if your power socket installations appear to be in good condition, plugging in cords and wires which are damaged is not advised. Current may not be able to flow properly through them which can cause a ground fault and then lead to a severe power trip.



To have your HDB circuit breaker trips resolved immediately, contact Everyworks Singapore today. We’ll help you ensure that your circuit breaker functions normally once more and that no further issues occur. For more information on our electrical services, be sure to take a look at our price list.


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