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How to Perform DIY Aircon Troubleshooting

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Singaporeans experience hot weather most days of the year and having aircons in homes have become a necessity. When you first get your aircon installed, everything works fine and all the features function properly. Although as time goes by, your aircon will start to have water leaks, noises, and does not produce cold air as it should. If these issues are ignored, you might even resort to aircon repairs.

Most people prefer calling a professional to troubleshoot their aircon properly, while some prefer doing it on their own. Here are common aircon issues that can be resolved if you want to troubleshoot your residential or commercial aircon on your own:


Aircon Not Producing Cold Air


There are many reasons why your aircon is not cold. These relate to having air filters that are clogged, dirty condenser and fan coils, damaged inverter compressor and thermostat, and leaking refrigerant. It can also be because of your aircon being too small for the room it is installed in. Thus, you should always check the aircon’s capacity to ensure it can regulate air to the temperature that the size of your room requires.


Aircon Water Leaks


This is the most common issue homeowners in Singapore face because even though aircons have drain pans installed, the water sometimes overflows. There are a lot of possible reasons why your aircon leaks. Although it is mainly caused by dirt and debris stuck on aircon parts such as the filters and fan coil.


How to Fix The Problem


The simplest way to fix common aircon issues is by cleaning the fan coils and aircon filters. The steps are as follows:

  • Remove the fan coils.
  • Clean the fan coils thoroughly to remove all dirt and debris stuck on them.
  • Let the fan coils dry.
  • Put the fan coils back into the aircon once they have dried and make sure that they fit perfectly. If not, the aircon might not work properly.
  • Once you have cleaned and finished troubleshooting your aircon, turn it on to test and check if any more problems occur and if the aircon water leak. If it is still not resolved after all your efforts, then you should call a professional aircon maintenance company to diagnose your aircon and fix these problems before they worsen.


Troubleshooting your aircon units at home can be time-consuming and can also cost more than engaging aircon service providers. Most people in Singapore are also very busy with work and do not have time to troubleshoot their aircons properly on their own. For situations like these, it is best to contact experts like Everyworks Singapore. We can fix all your aircon problems in no time. You can also take a look at our price list to know that we are the most budget-friendly choice.


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This article is reproduced from DW Aircon Servicing Singapore.

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