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How Long Does It Take To Perform Aircon Servicing?

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Regular aircon servicing is essential for your residential or commercial aircon to work properly. This will avoid any kind of aircon issues such as aircon leaks and it will be easy to determine and solve the current problems before they completely malfunction. 

Keep in mind that engaging with a professional aircon servicing company is highly recommended as they can guarantee that your unit will be well maintained and will not develop any damages. That said, a lot of people are still unsure about having aircon servicing performed due to concerns about how long it will take. Hence, here is a guide to help you know how long it will take to service your installed aircon:


Dirt on Aircon


Any aircon will gradually accumulate dirt, dust, and other particles which can bring about several aircon issues. That is why it is important that a skilled aircon technician regularly clean your aircon so that it can function well without developing any issues. Keep in mind that a residential or office aircon that has not been cleaned for a long time will collect more dirt and dust which will require a longer time for servicing.

If you think that your aircon needs a deep cleaning, call Everyworks via Whatsapp. Our aircon servicing services can get rid of any dirt on your aircon unit to prevent any aircon emergencies from happening.


Aircon Components That Require Changing


If your commercial or HDB aircon unit is quite old, there is a possibility that some of its aircon parts are damaged. In that case, the entire unit might need to be replaced. Keep in mind however that when looking for replacement aircon parts, it might take quite some time especially if the aircon has long been in service.. 

To avoid having to replace specific aircon components, your unit should undergo regular aircon servicing by a reputable aircon maintenance company. They can guarantee that your aircon does not become defective as a result of damaged parts.


Number of Aircon Problems That Are Present

The duration of aircon servicing your unit has to undergo will depend on how many problems it has. If there are only one or two minor issues present, normal aircon servicing will be enough. However, if your aircon unit is suffering from severe issues like aircon gas leaks, then it will most likely need long hours of aircon servicing.

To prevent severe aircon issues which will need extensive servicing, contact Everyworks Singapore. We will help you avoid any aircon problems which may cause your aircon to break down completely. Moreover, we have experienced professionals who can give you some useful tips on how to extend your unit’s lifespan.




The time for aircon servicing will depend on the number of issues present in your aircon unit. If your unit has minor issues, normal aircon servicing is sufficient. However, if there is major damage or issues, it will most likely require lengthy aircon servicing. To prevent your installed aircon from experiencing damage, engage a professional from Everyworks Singapore. We can properly maintain your unit and also give some tips on how to keep it functioning for a long time.


Everyworks Singapore provides the best home maintenance solutions available in Singapore. Moreover, we ensure quick customer response, prompt booking, and reasonable and affordable prices for whatever services you acquire. Our highly experienced and skilled plumberelectricianaircon servicing technicians and handyman teams can also guarantee that the work performed is completed professionally and efficiently as illustrated by our highly-rated Google and Facebook reviews. See our past home maintenance works and articles to learn more about our home services in Singapore. To set an appointment promptly and have your issues resolved immediately, simply contact our attentive customer support team by sending a quick text or picture through Whatsapp at +65 82410032


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