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Guide To Installing A Wardrobe Knob

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To give your wardrobe a new appearance, the solution is to install a new door handle for your wardrobe door. It has only a simple procedure, still, you will be amazed at how it would affect the look of your wardrobe. Another good thing is that you can install your wardrobe knobs alone and below these are the following steps:


Steps For Installing A Wardrobe Knob


1. Do The Needed Measurements


If you have installed flat-faced cabinet doors, put your knobs at a specified gap from the floor. Get a tape and measure 36 inches from the floor and then mark it with a pencil on your cabinet door around 1-3 inches from the outside surface.

Measure your wardrobe door’s width and mark in the middle about the same height as the first mark.

Hold a level on your first mark, then position the bubble in the center to create a horizontal level and put an “X” at the point where your line is crossing by an imaginary path from your second mark.


2. Find The Center Of The Middle Rail

Find the center of the middle rail on your flat-faced doors. You have to put a straight border diagonally from the top edge of your cabinet door’s rail to the base edge on the other side. Then draw a line about two to three inches in length.

Keep the straight corner right on the other pair of your cabinet’s diagonal edges, and put an “X” on the mark where the first line intersects.


3. Start Drilling Your Cabinet


A hole that is usually 3/16 inch-diameter is required for a cabinet door knob. Although to make that it has the correct dimensions, it is recommended to create a test hole on a block of wood while using a drill.

In the middle of the “X” that you labeled, drill through the front of your cabinet door. It is advisable to keep your installed door open to make sure that you will not drill into your closet.


4. Affix The Knob

Wardrobe knobs from IKEA typically have two screws of different lengths. The smaller screw is for the door of your cabinet, as the longer screw is for the drawers with incorrect fronts connected to the drawer boxes.

Put the shorter screw from the back of your cabinet door on the drilled hole. The next thing you need to do is to thread your cabinet knob on the screw and, using a screwdriver, tighten it while holding your cabinet door knob.


Different Ways of Placing Your Wardrobe Knobs



  1. Leading-edge Of The Leading Door 

Many professional handymen say that placing your cabinet knob by the leading edge of the leading door might restrict you from opening the leverage. Having that said, you can simply close the installed door.


  1. Middle Of The Leading Door 

This location is perfect since this will highly reduce the force required to open and close your cabinet door.


  1. Middle Of The Leading Door’s Panel 

Place the door knob of your cabinet in the middle of the wall against the center of the door, if you have a door with panels.


  1. Hinge Edge Of The Leading Door 

When you position your knob beside the door hinge edge of the leading door, it will be easy for you to open your cabinet door. You will also have a hard time closing the door.


  1. Hinge Edge Of The Trailing Door 

With having the door hinge at the edge of the trailing door, it will be easier for you to open your cabinet. Although, it can create pressure as well on the guide pin which can give rise to impairments.


  1. Centre of the trailing door 

In such a case, you must open and close a door with a small amount of force.



Installing any kind of knob is usually easy if you just properly follow the given steps. For cabinet knob installation, the first thing you need to do is to measure the wardrobe door until the floor. Next is to find the center of the middle rail on your flat-faced doors. Start drilling a hole that has just the right size for the wardrobe knob to fit. Then the last step is to attach your new cabinet knobs. In case you experience difficulty, hire one of our handymen at Everyworks Singapore. We can guarantee to perfectly install your cabinet knobs.


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This article was reproduced from A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore.

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