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Guide on Selecting A HDB-Approved Electrician In Singapore

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HDB electricians are those licensed to conduct electrical services in HDB flats. Electrical solutions provided by these professionals consist of light switch services, electrical troubleshooting, power socket/power point installations, and many more. Thus, if you happen to be living in an HDB flat and are experiencing electrical problems like a power trip, you can have an HDB electrician fix them for you.








There are three categories of HDB electricians namely:

  1. Those permitted to provide electrical repairs and installations with a scale of 45 kVA at most.
  2. Electrical technicians are permitted to render electrical services with a maximum design scale of 150 kVA and a maximum operating scale of 500 kVA.
  3. Electrical engineers are permitted to conduct electrical installations and replacements and other services without a scaling limit.

To determine if the electrician you are engaging is properly licensed, see if they have the correct HDB license which includes their name, license number, ID card number, photo, issuance date, and validity period. By doing this, you can see to it that the non-emergency or emergency electrician you are in contact with is properly qualified to render HDB electrical services.

If you continue to face confusion when assessing the qualifications of the electrician you intend to hire, make sure to do the following:


  • Check The Ratings and Reviews of Their Company

Many electrical companies today are much more scrutinized due to the Internet, with most having their reviews and ratings posted online. Thus, when trying to assess if your electrician is properly qualified to conduct electrical works, be sure to check the reviews of their company online. This will enable you to have a better understanding of how reputable their servicing is.


  • Ask For Recommendations

One other method of finding a licensed electrician is seeking recommendations from friends, family, and acquaintances. Since most people in Singapore hire electrical services, you will have a higher chance of getting in contact with a reliable electrical contractor and electrician.

Another benefit of asking for recommendations is that people tend to give more honest reviews offline. As such, you will be able to obtain a more accurate assessment of an electrician’s servicing costs, work ethic, quality of work, and many other important details.


  • Perform A Background Check

Another method you can try when hiring a professional electrician to conduct HDB electrical work is to conduct a background check on the company where they are supposedly employed. This consists of checking the number of workers they have, verifying their address, checking their certifications, and reviewing their portfolio of home maintenance works. Additionally, you may want to check if they have screened their employees properly. By doing these, you will be able to ensure that the electrician you intend to hire is eligible.


  • Check Their Servicing Costs







Before you engage an HDB electrician to perform electrical work (be it a light installation or circuit breaker repair), it is best that you compare their servicing costs with other electrician services. You should ensure that the prices of the electrician you want to hire is not significantly higher than those of other workers. Moreover, costs for minor services such as a light switch installation should be easily affordable.

The electrician or electrical worker you want to hire should also be capable of evaluating how much it costs to perform the services you need. Besides that, they should be able to provide you with a time frame for the completion of their work. This will enable you to better assess whether they know how to draft an estimate.









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