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Door Hinge Repair Service

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It is inevitable that without cleaning and maintenance, appliances and other household fixtures will decline and fail eventually. Persistent opening and closing of windows, door hinges, and cabinets causes it to suffer from wear and tear. As a result, you would encounter squeaky hinges, loose or broken hinges or other signs of hinge issues like dragging doors. To fix this, you can always rely on a professional handyman to assist you with procedures such as a door hinge repair and a door hinge replacement.


Why Are Door Hinges Important?

Any well-furnished home deserves the utmost care to provide you with better convenience. This includes conducting door hinge repair and maintenance to provide your door and doorframe with needed strength and mobility. Once your door hinges fail to function properly, your door can stop working as well. Should this happen, you can contact our handyman team to help with your door hinge repair to offer you the needed assistance.










Signs That Your Door Hinge Needs Repairing


Dragging Doors

  • Once your door hinge deteriorates or becomes damaged, your door’s alignment can become affected as well. As a result, it might start to drag on the floor and may become difficult to close as well. However, if your door hinge has not deteriorated too much, then a handyman may still be able to repair your door using the same hinge. Otherwise, a door hinge replacement is probably a better and more permanent solution. Though this process may require an additional fee in order to source the spare parts, it is still considered to be the most cost-effective procedure.


Squeaky Door Hinges

  • In case your door hinge begins to produce loud noises, you can try lubricating it with WD-40 oil to prevent rusting and squeaking. Should this fail to work, a door hinge replacement can be a viable solution that would also allow you to switch to a better-looking model. Some practical hinge replacements include concealed hinges, hydraulic hinges, or butt hinges.


Loose Doors

  • Wooden doors are especially prone to hinge damages since hinges become less secure due to the wood’s changing form as the result of aging, erosion, termites, or excessive damage. In that case, a professional handyman can attempt to do a door hinge repair using the proper materials. He can either reinstall the hinge or affix a new hinge to get your door working again.











Is A DIY Door Hinge Repair Possible?

If you think you have a full understanding of how doors function, you can attempt to do a door hinge repair alone but with the risk of damaging your door further. This is because no matter how laudable your skills are, you still need the right set of handyman tools to properly repair a door hinge. Moreover, any damage you might cause to your door may increase the original repair cost. To avoid this, make sure to contact a professional handyman to do the job for you so that your door is properly and quickly repaired.











Door Hinge Replacement Guidelines


  • Use a door stopper to prevent your door from swinging. Leave your door open so that the hinge is easily accessible. Also make sure that it is completely steady so as to avoid it from falling once you remove the hinge screws.


  • Before you detach your old door hinge, make sure to determine the size and shape of your new door hinge. It would be preferable for your hinge location to measure 7 inches from the top and 11 inches from the bottom.


  • In case the location for your door hinge doesn’t seem suitable, you can make a new hinge location so that your door functions properly.


  • Make sure to clean and lubricate your door frame, door hinge and the area around it. Polish off after the repair.


  • Should your new hinges have a mismatching size, close the old screw holes using the proper tools and polish their surrounding area.


  • At this stage, you can now affix the new hinge after marking and measuring its location. Be extra attentive so as to avoid any mistakes. Create the holes for the screws then pin the hinge accordingly by connecting the door and door frame.


  • Lastly, remove the door stopper and check if your door opens and closes properly. If so, your door hinge repair has been successful.

In case you’re still experiencing problems with repairing your door hinge, contact a handyman to assist you or avail of our door hinge repair services. For more information, feel free to view our price list.


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