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Different Types of Door Knobs You Can Purchase

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Every door used at home and workplaces are different because these doors have varying designs and mechanisms. Thus, it is important to install a door knob or handle that best complement your doors. After deciding which door knobs or handles to install, you should be able to enhance the overall aesthetic of your home in addition to being able to open your doors easily. You can also engage professionals such as a professional handyman to install these knobs or handles for you.

Listed below are 5 different types of door knobs commonly used in Singapore.


Half-dummy Door Knob


One of the simplest types of door knobs is half-dummy knobs as they do not rotate or have any locking mechanisms. Such knobs are one-sided and meant for pulling only. It is ideal for drawer knobs, cabinet knobs and dresser knobs. You can also hire a handyman in Singapore to help you do so.


Passage Door Knob


Passage knobs are commonly used for interior passages and furniture, and are not supposed to be locked. Similar to half-dummy door knobs, they do not have any locking mechanisms and can be opened from either side of the door. Professionals often use such knobs when installing open wardrobes knobs and between rooms. You can also ensure that your door knob complements the overall aesthetics of your home by selecting a suitable door knob finish.


Privacy Door Knob


Like the name suggests, privacy door knobs are used on doors that need to be locked for privacy purposes. It has a basic locking mechanism on one side of the door to prevent unauthorised access. Thus, to open the door, it needs to be unlocked from the inside. Such locks also contain an emergency unlocking mechanism to prevent common door knob issues such as those that lock people in or out of the room. It is also advisable to engage cheap handyman services in Singapore to install such knobs in your bedrooms and bathrooms.


Storeroom Door Knob

This type of door knob is ideal if you need to protect your stored products against pilferages and damages. It has a keyed cylinder on one side of the door for locking and unlocking purposes. It also has a rotatable knob on the other side which allows you to open the door.


Keyed Entry Door Knob


Keyed entry door knobs are another type of door knobs that are often chosen by homeowners. Similar to a storeroom door knob, it has a keyed cylinder on the exterior knob. However, unlike the latter, its interior knob has a button or twist mechanism which allows the door to either be locked or unlocked. Some of these knobs also come with a dead latch for enhanced security. It is important to hire a professional to install your door knobs and handles to ensure it is properly installed. Other advantages of hiring a professional to install your door knobs and handles include saving time and money and preventing damages.

Keyed entry door knobs are the most suitable for doors leading to the inside of your home such as front and back doors, garage doors, and patio doors. If you are not currently using such knobs for these doors, it may be time to remove or replace your door knobs.



The 5 common types of door knobs used in Singapore are half-dummy door knobs, passage door knobs, privacy door knobs, storeroom door knobs and keyed entry door knobs. It is important that you choose one that is best suited for your needs. After you have decided which door knobs to purchase, you can contact Everyworks Singapore to install them for you. Through our door knob services, our team of professionals can ensure your doors are paired with the right door knobs to improve their overall appearance while providing guaranteed security to your home.


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