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Common TV Bracket Installation Problems



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Installing a TV bracket enables you to have a complete and relaxing watching experience whenever you use your large flat-screen TV. That said, the process for setting up a TV bracket can also have problems of its own. Some examples include the following:


Difficulties In Locating Wall Stud

Installing a TV bracket usually begins with locating the stud that allows your television to hang durably against the wall. However, this stud can prove difficult to find without the use of a stud finder. Moreover, you can’t simply drill a hole randomly in your wall since it can damage important furniture such as your installed shelf.

If you’re currently experiencing difficulty locating your stud, contact a professional handyman for assistance.


Confusion About Proper Bracket Size


The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) is a manufacturing body which ensures that certain types of brackets are compatible with specific television sets. So before homeowners can install the wall mount for their television, they need to know which exact bracket to purchase. However, this process can prove difficult for those who are unable to distinguish between certain bracket sizes and types. In order to avoid this problem, don’t hesitate to contact a professional handyman to help you out.


Bracket Levelling Difficulties

Another procedure required for a TV bracket installation involves leveling the bracket. Some homeowners may find this difficult to do especially if they want to install the wall mount for their television at a high position. It becomes even more cumbersome especially if you don’t have good eyesight or are experiencing trouble standing for long periods.

To be more at ease when leveling your TV bracket, it’s recommended that you use a levelling tool. Otherwise, contact cheap handyman services for assistance.


Disarranged Cables And Wires

As is the case when installing a wall mirror, setting up a television bracket can become problematic due to the presence of various objects. For many homeowners, these happen to be disarranged cables and wires. So in order to avoid this, make sure that all your cords are properly fixed or at least hidden.




In order to avoid the aforementioned TV bracket installation problems, immediately seek help from a reputable service provider like Everyworks Singapore. We have a crew of experienced handymen who can ensure that your TV bracket is set up without any major hassles. For more information on our TV bracket installation services, feel free to view our price list.


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