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Common Problems with Residential Door Knobs and Handles

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Door knobs and door handles play a vital part in every home. However, problems like difficulty in opening or closing the door would occur if the various components are not taken care of properly. Similar to door repairs, it is important to take immediate corrective measures when such problems arise. Otherwise, your door knobs and handles may become irreparable. Thus, you should accustom yourself with these problems so that you can quickly fix them whenever necessary. You may also contact your local handyman to help you do so.


Loose Door Handle


One of the most common door lock problems faced by homeowners in Singapore is a loose lever or pull handle. This could be a result of a worn-out spindle, loose screws in the handle, or improper handle installation. Oftentimes, this problem can be easily fixed by tightening any loose components to secure the handle. If that did not work, you can hire a professional to replace or repair the loose door handle as soon as possible.


Stuck Door Knob


Door knob stuck in one position is another common door knob and door lock problem experienced by homeowners. Although this is not a major problem for doors inside the house, it can cause a major security breach if it occurs on door knobs installed in your front or back doors. Thus, you should engage handyman services to remove or replace your door knob immediately especially if you have a faulty front or back door knob.

This often happens when a lot of dust and dirt has accumulated inside your door knob which prevents its internal components from working normally. However, if you think that your door knob has been thoroughly cleaned, then you might have a rusty door knob that can be easily fixed with a lubricant. You should immediately lubricate any rusty components of your door knob to prevent it from falling apart.


Jammed Key


Similar to drawer knobs, a rusty or heavily damaged door knob or key can cause the key to get stuck in the door knob. It can also occur when it has been turned forcibly. Regardless of the reason, a stuck key is one of the most common door lock issues and knob issues that lock people out.

There are several ways you can remove the jammed key. You can either push the keyhole plug before twisting your key out, spray WD-40 lubricant into the keyhole and slowly wiggle the key or pry the key out with a small pair of pliers. However, if none of these methods work, your remaining option is to hire a professional handyman in Singapore.




Similar to knowing the signs needed to engage a door lock repair service, knowing these problems will also allow you to know when your door knob requires repair services. Additionally, you will be able to prevent such problems from occurring.

You should consider contacting Everyworks Singapore if you are experiencing any problems with your door knobs and handles. Our team of experienced and well-trained professionals can resolve any door knob and handle issues you have quickly and efficiently.


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