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Common Problems With HDB Rubbish Chutes

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Rubbish chutes provide a clean and efficient way of disposing one’s trash. In fact, rubbish chutes are so seamless that many homeowners often forget to maintain them properly. This then leads to major issues which require a rubbish chute repair or replacement such as the following:


1) Stuck Rubbish Chute Door


Doors of HDB rubbish chutes can become stuck if they have been poorly maintained or in service for a long time. Besides causing accidents, this issue can also result in garbage smells circulating throughout your home which can jeopardize your health. In that case, it’s important to have the door repaired or replaced by a professional handyman as soon as possible.


2) Damaged Rubbish Chute Handle

When the door handle of an HDB rubbish chute is forcibly welded on a frequent basis, it can incur damage and become unusable. This then leads to potential difficulty in operating the entire unit. Although you could have the spoilt handle of your rubbish chute repaired, doing so might cause you to void your warranty. Moreover, it’s likely that rubbish chute handle issues might recur.

If you think that your rubbish chute’s door handle is broken, try hiring a professional handyman to replace your entire rubbish chute instead. That way, you can ensure that no door handle problems take place again in the near future.


3) Loose Rubbish Chute Hinge

Like cabinet door hinges, a rubbish chute’s hinge might also become loose after being used forcibly for a long period of time. This can prevent the entire door from closing properly and expose you to toxic waste. So if you notice that the hinge of your unit isn’t affixed properly, try calling cheap handyman services to repair it. Better yet, ask them to replace your entire rubbish chute in order to prevent your warranty from becoming void.


4) Rust Formation

HDB rubbish chutes made of inferior material tend to be less durable and more prone to rusting. This can make the unit difficult to use and even malfunction. As such, hiring a handyman to replace it with a rust-resistant and stainless-steel model is highly recommended to ensure that it remains functional over the long term.


5) Damaged Silicone Sealant

If you think that your rubbish chute’s silicone sealant is beginning to dry or crack, you’ll need to apply a new silicone sealant over it. Feel free to do this yourself or have a professional handyman assist you. It’s vital that you keep the sealant fresh in order to prevent foul odors from emanating and insects from gathering.


Special Reasons For Why You Should Replace Your Rubbish Chute

There are moments when you need to replace your rubbish chute even though it doesn’t display any obvious signs of damage. This can be due to the following special reasons:

1) Bugs

Sometimes, HDB rubbish chutes can attract pests and rodents no matter how tightly shut they are. Cockroaches and other bugs might even lay eggs. In that case, you could try setting up traps to temporarily keep them away while you wait for pest control services to exterminate them. But if the problem persists, try consulting cheap handyman services to see if you could relocate your unit to a more bug-free area.

2) Fire Hazards

Unlike condo rubbish chutes, HDB rubbish chutes aren’t required to be fire-rated. This is despite the fact that disposed of flammable products such as alcohol and hairspray can cause them to catch fire should gas leaks occur.  In order to prevent this, it’s important to ensure that your rubbish chute is built with fire-proof materials such as fiberglass. If not, immediately have it replaced by cheap handyman services with a more secure unit.

3) Home Renovations

Renovations can change your home’s layout and theme to change. However, it can also cause certain appliances such as rubbish chutes to look out of place. If you’ve just recently renovated your home and feel that your HDB rubbish chute doesn’t suit its new look, try having it replaced by a more aesthetically-fitting unit.


What Should My New Rubbish Chute Contain?

When replacing your HDB rubbish chute, you should make sure that it’s built with the most durable materials available such as rust-resistant stainless steel and fiberglass. That way, you can minimize the risk of it incurring more damage or experiencing further problems. Moreover, you should see to it that your rubbish chute includes enhanced features so that you can use it efficiently.




Once you’ve chosen the right HDB rubbish chute for you, contact Everyworks Singapore to install it for you. Our professional servicemen can help you set up your unit quickly as well as provide you tips on how to conduct proper HDB rubbish chute maintenance.

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