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Common Problems With Electrical Installation

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Every home in Singapore needs an electric supply for its appliances and devices to function. To make sure of everyone’s safety when using all electrical appliances, a proper electrical installation should be done. A faulty electrical installation can result in a short circuit which causes electrical system failure, electrical shock, or even a fire. Therefore, it is ideal to hire a certified electrician in Singapore to properly perform any kind of electrical repair or installation to prevent further harm.



  • To ensure that all electrical wirings are secured and perfectly arranged, use clips or staples. Make sure that the staples are not too fit on the wirings to avoid breakages on the cables. Defective electrical wirings might eventually cause electrical issues in the future. Nevertheless, a loose installation of electrical wirings could result in cable overheating and give rise to fires. Thus, a flawless electrical wiring installation will keep you and your family safe from any kind of electrical harm.


  • Some electricians who do not have much experience still need the necessary skill and knowledge to carry out the proper electrical installations. It is possible that they carelessly use the incorrect size and length of electrical wirings, which could lead to dangerous hazards and serious impairment to your electrical items at home. To prevent such happenings, let a certified and reliable electrician do the wire installation with correct measurements as implemented by local electrical authorities. All residents in Singapore must engage with electricians who have been trained with the electrical installation course from notable institutes.



  • It is a must to suitably cover electrical wires with plastic cables to avoid wire destruction. During an electrical wiring installation, the electrical junction boxes should have appropriate dimensions to secure the electrical cables. To prevent serious injuries, never leave the junction boxes open as it can result in dangerous hazards if you happen to touch the live wires. These boxes must have metal lid covers to guarantee protection.



  • During an electrical installation, it is a must to have an appropriate circuit breaker to prevent from experiencing short circuits. A certified electrician must strictly obey the electrical installation guidelines arranged by the EMA or Energy Market Authority in Singapore.


  • To prevent uncontrolled heating and fires, the junction boxes must not exceed with many electrical cables moving in one area. Using bigger junction boxes and having the right cable dimensions moving through these boxes to prevent further mishaps. Instruct your electrician to browse his electrical installation guideline to avoid errors and assure that all electrical services are done completely.


  • Any kind of electrical installation can be done in the wrong way, such as incorrect positioning of live and neutral wires. Trusted electricians must always make use of a circuit tester to assure the electrical wiring installation is properly completed.


Common Errors Made During Ceiling Fan Installation


If a homeowner tries to do a DIY installation, there can be some mistakes. Without engaging with a certified electrician, chances are high that they will start the installation right away without measuring first the dimensions of the ceiling and the slope, which can show a terrible fault.

When you replace an old ceiling fan, always make sure to get rid of the old junction box before doing the new installation. Professional electricians must obey all safety precautions during the ceiling fan installation process to avoid further accidents.



During the installation of a ceiling fan, you should first switch off the main source of power. A certified electrician must always have the essential equipment and mastery of the safety guidelines before performing the ceiling fan installation.

An electrician must follow all rules and guidelines given for electrical installation and maintenance services. This is to assure the protection for both electricians and homeowners. Light, fan, and other appliances should have proper installations which can let you save money from electrical repairs. On the other hand, wrong installations will acquire expensive costs and possible accidents.



In any kind of electrical installation, it should be properly done by an experienced and reliable electrician. A licensed electrician is always equipped with all the necessary tools needed for electrical installation and repair. Furthermore, they follow a checklist and obey the safety guidelines. To ensure that the electrical item will function well and prevent your family from any kind of accident.

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