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Common Mistakes Homeowners Make During DIY Door Knob and Lock Replacement

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Door knobs are essential parts of our home because they are tools used for opening and closing doors. However, because it is frequently used, they are exposed to being damaged. Hence, we have come up with reasons why such DIY door lock and door knob replacements fail.


Wrong Knob Purchase


There are different types of door knobs you can purchase for your installed door, do not be deceived by cheap knobs or handles. Most of the time, cheap knobs, or door locks can be very risky, especially when it comes to your security. 

When buying or choose a door lock to install, make sure of the following:

  • Lock is difficult to open using simple techniques. 
  • Lock is suitable for the door installed. 
  • Read and understand the instructions.

Another tip is that if you want to really choose the right door knobs, door handles, or door locks for your installed doors, do not hesitate to call a professional handyman to help you out. 


Incorrectly Positioning The Knob

Singapore homeowners often make the mistake for door knob replacement or bolts in the wrong direction. This mistake is often noticed once they are done installing the screws. In order to avoid this, you should read the instructions carefully, or better yet, call an experienced handyman to handle the door knob installation. 


Not Getting Exact Measurements


Whenever you are doing door knob installation or replacement, you should remember to be patient in measuring and making the markings for the holes using a pencil with precision. Making incorrect measurements often leads to drilling incorrectly and then eventually incorrectly installing the lock causing more damage to your door.

Be precise in drilling the holes in the exact places. Most doors need lever locks and when you are installing a door knob, three holes that are exactly aligned with each other are needed. 

If you do not want to risk making this mistake, you can easily contact a handyman to do the job for you. They can perfectly do the job without any hassle and extra cost.


Failing To Measure from The Bevel

If you want to do the measuring right, then make sure to measure from the non-beveled side of the door instead. The door knob installation often comes off wrongly when you measure from the bevel. Whenever you install a door lock and the door lock is not in line with the bevel, it will not function correctly. 


Not Considering Weather Conditions


Always keep in mind that weather conditions can be a big factor in causing your door knobs and door locks to expand or shrink. As such, they are among the things to consider before changing door locks or door knobs. If you are installing door knobs and door locks on the exterior, always take note of this point. 

If you want to install the exact door knob fit for the type of weather in Singapore, and you just do not have any idea, call a professional handyman to help you out with your choice. We can even help you out on all your knobs and handle installation needs. 



A lot of mistakes are often made whenever you are doing the door knob and handling installation on your own. Among the dangers you should know about DIY knob installations is that they are a bit risky and tricky if you do not have the adequate knowledge to do so. Commonly made mistakes are buying the wrong door knob, turning the knob in the wrong way, measuring incorrectly, measuring from the bevel, and ignoring weather conditions. 

If you do not want to do more harm to your home doors, make sure to hire a reliable handyman like Everyworks Singapore to do the job for you. Fast installation with cheap prices is guaranteed!


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This article was reproduced from A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore

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