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Common Light Switch Problems

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Many homeowners in Singapore require the help of light switch servicing due to the problems they face with their light switch. Besides disrupting important household tasks, these can prevent your light installations from emitting enough light. Thus, it is vital to familiarise yourself with them so that you can avoid them and also prevent light installation problems from taking place. Besides that, you will also be able to avoid high power bills once you are aware of the reasons for your light switch’s defects.

Light switch problems have different levels of severity. Some can easily be resolved alone while others need troubleshooting by electrical switch services. There are also many light switch issues which can no longer be repaired by a professional electrician and which would instead require a light switch replacement. To avoid accidents like electric switch shocks, do not attempt to fix your light switch if you lack the necessary tools and knowledge to do so. We will look at some common light switch problems and their causes.


Damaged Light Switch Components

Older light switch models tend to sustain damage after being used for a long time. These can include loose parts or even cracks. Regardless of how it looks, any damage to your house’s light switch can cause it to malfunction and may even prevent your home’s light installations from turning on. So if you feel that any of your light switch’s parts are damaged, contact a licensed electrician immediately to fix or replace it.


Damaged Electrical Wiring


These days, electrical wiring for light switches includes layered safety control features. As such, even minor changes in current can cause the circuit breaker or fuse’s safety response mechanism to trigger. So if your light bulbs don’t power on even after enabling your switch, see if you might have any issues with its electrical wiring. If you face any difficulty doing so, call an electrical contractor to help you out.


Flickering Light Bulb


Besides power trips, light bulbs that flicker are a common issue faced by many which can normally be resolved by tightening their holder. But should this problem continue to persist, it is possible that your light switch might be defective. In that case, call an electrician to repair it for you. If a light switch repair does not solve the problem however, you might have to replace your light switch entirely.


Overheating Switch

Light switches becoming warm to touch is usually normal due to the electricity running through them. But if your light switch does not seem to work and feels unusually warm at the same time, it is possible that you have a power overload. In that case, try replacing your lights with bulbs that have a lower wattage to reduce the flow of current. You can also contact an electrician to repair or replace the electrical wiring for your switch so that its electrical load is more balanced. But should either solution be unsuccessful, then a light switch replacement might be needed.



Now that you’re aware of some common light switch problems and their causes, you can now determine if you need a light switch repair or replacement. But if you still experience confusion, don’t hesitate to contact Everyworks Singapore. Our skilled and professional electricians can assist you with any light switch problems you are currently experiencing. Moreover, they can provide you with any other electrical services which you require. View our price list for more info on our servicing costs.


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