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Advantages of Installing a 707 Kensington Storage Water Heater

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Is your water heater leaking? Maybe you are wondering if you should repair or replace your water heater. No matter what you choose, a storage water heater should be one of your top considerations. While making your decision, perhaps consider the most popular water heater brands in Singapore. Of all those on offer, the 707 Kensington Storage Water Heater comes highly recommended. We will explain why below:



Regardless of whether you choose to pick up the 707 Kensington 25 Storage Water Heater or 707 Kensington 35 Storage Water Heater, both models offer a 10-year warranty for the tank from a local customer service centre, as well as a 2-year warranty on parts and services.


Blue Enamel Coating


Every 707 Kensington Storage Water Heater comes in a blue enamel coating. This protects the tank and heating element from corrosion and greatly lengthens its lifespan. As a result, you do not have to worry about when you should replace your water heater.


Well Insulated and Energy Efficient


All 707 Kensington Storage Water Heaters are equipped with a polyurethane insulated tank and Whirlflow 2 technology. Polyurethane is durable and moisture resistant, making it a top insulation material across water heaters! Whirlflow 2 Technology ensures that there is no immediate contact between hot and cold water in the 707 Kensington Storage Water Heater, making for faster heating and better energy efficiency. The latter is a key reason why installing energy efficient water heaters is important. Not only does this save you money, you also do not have to worry about your storage water heater tripping your circuit breaker.


Splash Proof

If you are worried about external water damage from perhaps a pipe leak, you would be glad to learn that all 707 Kensington Storage Water Heaters come with IPX1 certification. This means that they are rated to survive drops of water falling vertically on it for 10 minutes.


Multi-position Installation


The 707 Kensington line offers flexible installation/replacement of the water heater for your convenience. This means that there is much less that you need to prepare for a water heater replacement.



Some of the important features to have in a brand new water heater are its longevity, energy efficiency, and long warranty. The 707 Kensington Storage Water Heater checks all of those boxes, making it an extremely popular pick. However, it is equally important to do a proper water heater installation. That is why you should engage professional water heater installation services from Everyworks Singapore.


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This article was reproduced from Water Heater City Singapore.

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