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Advantages of Hiring A Professional for Door Knob And Handle Installation

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Homeowners often need to install a new door knob or handle to either replace old and damaged ones or for aesthetic purposes. Similar to drawer knobs and handles, your door knobs and handles should be installed by a professional to prevent any issues from happening. You should bear in mind that doing such installations yourself may result in various complications. Hiring professionals like handymen in Singapore who are more experienced allow you to reap the following benefits.


Broad Expertise


Similar to installing a wall shelf, properly installing, changing or removing door knobs and door handles require several special tools. The installation process also involves numerous procedures. Inadequate knowledge about these tools and procedures may cause your door knobs and handles to be improperly installed. Fortunately, this can be easily avoided by hiring a professional. With their experience and training in door knobs and door handle installations, they are more than capable of determining the right tools and following the correct procedures to install your hardware quickly and efficiently.


Professional Workmanship


Similar to other types of hardware installations including door lock installations, a tremendous amount of skill is needed to install a door knob or handle securely. Otherwise, it may end up getting stuck or loose which could be extremely inconvenient.

A lot of professional installers in Singapore are known for their excellent workmanship. Hence, it would be beneficial for you to hire a handyman or other professionals as they can ensure that all your door knobs and handles are installed seamlessly.


Prevention of Unwanted Damage


Apart from causing  due to improper installation, installing a door knob or handle without a professional’s help may also cause significant damages. It is best to avoid such damages as it can be quite costly to repair. You can do so by hiring a professional like a handyman to install your door knobs and handles rather than doing it yourself. Their experience will ensure your home door hardware is installed in good condition. This is also one of the reasons why hiring a handyman is convenient.


Time And Cost Efficiency


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Some things you have to consider before changing door locks, door knobs or door handles yourself is the time and money needed to do so. It can be extremely time-consuming and expensive to do a DIY door knob and handle installation without adequate experience. You will have to purchase the necessary items and study the installation procedures. Furthermore, you are more likely to commit mistakes which may be costly to repair.

It is advisable to contact a professional to install your door hardware. They will be able to avoid common mistakes made when installing door locks, knobs or handles, and help you to save time and money. Their experience and training makes them more capable of installing your hardware efficiently and at a more affordable rate.



Some benefits of hiring professionals to install your door knobs and handles include all-rounded expertise, professional workmanship, prevents unwanted damage and saves time and money.

If you want to avail professional door knobs and door handles installation services, you can contact Everyworks Singapore today. With the help of our well-trained and experienced workers, you can ensure your knobs and handles are installed quickly and properly without any damages.


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