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Discover our integration of home services brands in the Everyworks Services Network, promising a convenient and holistic experience for all homeowners. Enjoy a seamless booking of different home services at Everyworks Singapore.

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Mr Plumber Singapore

Mr Plumber Singapore is the #1 recommended plumber in Singapore and the best-reviewed on Google and Facebook. They provide one-stop plumbing services which includes Plumbing Chokes, Plumbing Installations, Plumbing Leaks, Water Heater Installation, Toilet Bowl Installation, and Tap Installation.  


With a team of plumbing specialists who are PUB-licensed and BCA trained, Mr Plumber is able to offer HDB plumbing and Emergency plumbing services as well. Over the years, they have served thousands of satisfied customers ranging from residential to commercial plumbing works. 


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DW Aircon Servicing Singapore

DW Aircon Servicing Singapore remains the top few aircon servicing contractors in Singapore over the years, providing an extensive range of aircon services such as Aircon Installation, Aircon Servicing, Aircon Chemical Overhaul, Aircon Gas Top-Up, Aircon Leaking Water as well as Aircon Not Cold repair.


DW Aircon is fully licensed and authorized to perform aircon servicing works, with a team of aircon specialists who have over 10 years of experience and completed over thousands of projects in Singapore (HDB, Condo, Landed & Commercial). With high customer satisfaction, DW Aircon has garnered many positive reviews on Google and Facebook.


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Daylight Electrician Singapore

Daylight Electrician Singapore is the #1 recommended electrician in Singapore, also a consecutive Gold Award winner for Expat Living Singapore’s Readers’ Choice Awards 2019 & 2020 under the Best Electricians category. They offer a wide selection of electrical services which includes Electrical Installation, Light Installation, Power Failure Recovery, Power Socket Services, and Electrical Switches Services


With a team of certified and licensed electricians, they are able to provide professional electrical services for residential (HDB electrician) and commercial projects. Daylight Electrician ensures competency to deliver the best quality electrical service.


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Water Heater City Singapore

Water Heater City is a highly recommended water heater service provider in Singapore.  They are a team of PUB licensed plumbers who provides complete water heater services such as water heater installation/replacement, water heater leak, water heater repair, and more. 


Water Heater City Singapore ensures that the water heater installation is performed safely and efficiently. They have managed to successfully gain the trust and satisfaction of their customers, earning them many positive reviews on Google.


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A1 Handyman Singapore

A1 Handyman is a highly trusted and reliable handyman service provider in Singapore. Their handymen are competent and qualified to perform various handyman services ranging from Rubbish Chute Services, Door Lock Repair, Drilling Services, Wall Mounting Services, and TV Bracket Installation


A1 Handyman ensures professional and durable solutions to many homeowner’s problems. They have managed to successfully gain the trust and satisfaction of their customers, earning them many positive reviews on Google and Facebook.


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DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore

DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore is a best rated mattress cleaning service provider in Singapore – gaining their customers’ trust and many positive reviews on Google. Their team of experienced cleaning specialists will ensure that the cleaning services will be done professionally. 


Their team of professionals are competent and qualified to perform various mattress cleaning services ranging from mattress cleaning, mattress steam cleaning, mattress deep cleaning and more. They also offer sofa cleaning services such as sofa deep cleaning, sofa steam cleaning, sofa stain removal and more.


Learn more about DW Mattress Cleaning Singapore:

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A1 Rubbish Chute Singapore

A1 Rubbish Chute Singapore is #1 recommended HDB and Condo rubbish chute services in Singapore. They provide high quality rubbish chute services such as HDB rubbish chute, Condo rubbish chute, rubbish chute replacement, rubbish chute repair, and refuse chute.


Their professional rubbish chute team specialises in ensuring that every rubbish chute installation is done properly and safely. Customers’ satisfactions is their top priority which can be seen in the many positive reviews on Google.


Learn more about A1 Rubbish Chute Singapore:

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DW Sofa Cleaning Singapore

DW Sofa Cleaning is a trusted and reliable sofa cleaning service provider in Singapore. They offer a wide selection of sofa cleaning services which includes sofa cleaning, sofa deep cleaning, sofa steam cleaning, sofa stain removal and more. They also provide additional cleaning services such as mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and more.


Their team of sofa cleaning specialists makes sure to carry out the best quality sofa cleaning solutions and services to our valued customers. Customers’ satisfactions is their top priority which can be seen in the many positive reviews on Google.


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DW Floor Polishing Singapore

09:33 18 Mar 24
Harun and his colleague did a 10000% solid work on my marble floor! Loook at that shine + he also managed to remove the stain I had! Very very grateful for his works. Highly recommended!

DW Floor Polishing Singapore is #1 recommended and trusted floor polishing contractor. They are committed to being the best floor polishing service provider for their customers. Their floor polishing services include floor polishing, marble floor polishing, parquet floor polishing, wood floor polishing and more.  They also offer other services such as floor cleaning, vinyl floor cleaning, vinyl floor deep cleaning, wood varnishing and more.


With their team of floor polishing experts, they are able to provide professional floor polishing services for their customers. Based on their positive reviews on Google, their customers are left satisfied after each job.


Learn more about DW Floor Polishing Singapore:

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Toilet Bowl City Singapore

Toilet Bowl City holds a prominent position as a top toilet bowl service provider in Singapore, known for its extensive expertise. Their team of skilled installers is committed to delivering high-quality toilet bowl services, which include installation or replacement, addressing toilet bowl leaks, resolving toilet bowl chokes, and repairing toilet flush systems.


Thanks to their professional and thorough service approach, Toilet Bowl City Singapore has gained the trust of its contented customers, as evident from the increasing number of positive Google reviews they’ve garnered.


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 Everyhome Singapore

Everyhome Singapore serves as your comprehensive solution for home and bathroom product needs. You can conveniently shop for a variety of items like water heaters, toilet bowls, air conditioners, shower sets, bidet sprays, taps, and sanitary ware, all from the comfort of your home.


In addition to the convenience they offer, Everyhome Singapore can provide personalized recommendations tailored to your specific needs. With a decade of experience, they have received numerous positive reviews on Google, reflecting the satisfaction of their valued customers.


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