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A Guide to Troubleshooting Aircon Light Blinking

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A residential or office aircon installation must be maintained properly to function for a long time. If not, there is a possibility that it will suffer from severe problems which may need aircon servicing like an aircon chemical overhaul or aircon gas top-up.

One indication that your unit is malfunctioning is if its light starts blinking continuously. Ignoring this issue will cause your aircon to completely malfunction even if it undergoes repair. Hence, you should conduct troubleshooting for your blinking aircon light by following these steps:


Study The Error Code

Many common aircon problems can be easily troubleshot in modern aircons. Nowadays, when a new aircon unit is failing to operate, an error code will show up. Provided you still have the aircon’s user guide, try using the error code to identify the problems your installed aircon may be experiencing when the light starts to blink. Another method that you can try is searching online forums or handbooks to decode the error code displayed by your unit.


Check for Any Loose Wirings


A blinking aircon light is usually the result of loose electrical wirings. In order for this to be confirmed, turn off your aircon and inspect if any of its wires are damaged or loose. You may have the wirings repaired if they only have minor damages. However, if it is impossible to repair the wires, the ideal choice is to have an aircon replacement performed.


Inspect The Refrigerant Levels of Your Unit


Another possible cause of blinking aircon lights is low refrigerant levels. For an installed aircon to spread out cool air, it requires enough refrigerant. If the unit detects an unexpected reduction of gas levels, its light may start to blink repeatedly. It is ideal to contact a reputable air conditioning service to help you fix the blinking aircon light. Once they have successfully restored adequate gas, your aircon unit will work properly again.


See If Your Unit Has Internal Damage


There are times when an aircon’s light starts to blink due to a broken circuit board or dirt and other contaminants entering the aircon. If you cannot determine the current issues experienced by your installed aircon, it is ideal to seek the help of a professional aircon maintenance company. They can quickly solve any unseen issues that your aircon is experiencing.



For an installed aircon to function well for a long time it needs to be properly maintained. If an aircon lacks care and maintenance, it will experience issues such as a blinking aircon light. To troubleshoot this, you should check the error code, loose wirings, refrigerant levels, and internal damages. If you have done these steps but were unable to identify the cause, call a professional aircon servicing provider like Everyworks Singapore to help. We can quickly address the problems your aircon is experiencing and help prevent further issues from happening at reasonable prices.


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