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A Guide To Aircon Chemical Cleaning

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Nowadays, many Singaporeans have an aircon installed in their homes or offices. If you are one of them, you should know that it is essential to properly maintain any residential or commercial aircon so that it can last longer. Otherwise, problems such as an aircon water leak or gas leak may occur.

Aircon chemical cleaning is one service that is sometimes rendered as part of aircon specific. In this article, we delve deeper into the two common methods of this specific aircon service.


Aircon Chemical Cleaning Defined


Aircon chemical cleaning usually requires special chemicals to clean an aircon unit thoroughly. While most individuals believe that it is enough to clean the outside of their home or office aircon with water, this actually fails to ensure that dirt and bacteria accumulated within the aircon parts are eliminated.  


The Two Main Methods of Aircon Chemical Cleaning


It is best to have aircon chemical cleaning performed urgently when an aircon unit encounters several major or common aircon issues. Fortunately, two aircon chemical cleaning techniques are available namely aircon chemical washing and aircon chemical overhaul. Whichever service you should avail yourself depends on the problems your aircon faces as well as their magnitude. Therefore, it is important to consider their differences in regard to the procedures they entail.

Aircon Chemical Wash


A residential or commercial aircon is made up of different components such as the compressor, condenser coils, and compressor fins. If the aircon unit does not undergo aircon cleaning regularly or is installed in a polluted area, dirt and bacteria may accumulate on these components. An aircon chemical wash is advised when this occurs.

Usually, an aircon chemical wash involves disassembling the unit and then using specific chemical solutions to clean its various parts. This method is intended to remove all forms of accumulated dirt and bacteria. The aircon installation is then reassembled after the cleaning process and then tested to ensure it functions normally once more.  

Aircon Chemical Overhaul


In certain cases, dirt and bacteria build-up within an inverter or non-inverter aircon may have already caused damage to its components. This normally results in a significant decline in efficiency as well as a big drop in performance. In that case, an aircon chemical overhaul will be needed to restore the aircon to its old condition. 

An aircon chemical overhaul mainly involves the disassembly of the unit and then thorough washing of its parts to eliminate all forms of dirt and bacteria. Afterward, all components are inspected for damage and are either fixed or replaced if found to be defective. Once the aircon has been thoroughly cleaned and the necessary components have been repaired or changed, the entire unit is reassembled and tested to ensure that no aircon emergencies remain.



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This article is reproduced from DW Aircon Servicing Singapore.

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