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A Guide On Resetting A Power Trip In Singapore

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Many consider a power trip as being among the most common problems experienced by homeowners in Singapore. The reason why this is highly inconvenient is that it can cause a power failure to occur which leads to most appliances not functioning as needed. Contacting circuit breaker services is how some people resolve a power trip. There are others however who may prefer to do the electrical repair work themselves. If you happen to be part of the latter, read on to learn how to resolve a power trip on your own. 


Steps To Take To Resolve A Power Trip

Most homes in Singapore have their electric supply routed through a distribution box or panel consisting of circuit breakers. These are special switches meant to trip automatically to prevent current from overflowing. However, it can also lead to your light installations to lose power. In order for you to restore your home’s electricity, remember the following steps:


1. See Which Appliance Is Faulty


Normally, an HDB circuit breaker trips when a faulty appliance has just been turned on. You will need to identify exactly which appliance faulty for the trip to be resolved. Any product or device you have which consumes a tremendous amount of power is likely to be the primary cause. If not, an appliance with damaged electrical wiring might be the source of the trip. 


2. Find Your Circuit Breaker 


Circuit breakers set up in electrical circuits are usually contained in a grey metal box or panel. This is usually situated in the utility room and is almost always wall-mounted like house light switches. It also normally consists of at least one main double pole circuit breaker, a mini circuit breaker (MCB), and a few single-pole mini circuit breakers for each electric circuit in the home. Besides that, licensed electricians classify circuit breakers according to the room where they are situated, with each group having a label indicating the electric circuit’s installation area.

Normally, when there is a sudden power trip due to a small overflow of current, it occurs on the single pole MCB. If the current overflow is somewhat large however, then the main MCB can sustain a trip as well. Take note that the tripped circuit breaker is often in the off position after the event.


3. Turn Off All Your Electrical Appliances


After you have identified the defective appliance that is causing your power trip, turn it off together with other remaining appliances. By doing this, you will ensure that no appliances draw power from the main power supply once you turn on the circuit breaker on your distribution board. Moreover, turning off all appliances will help reduce the flow of current.


4. Switch On Your Circuit Breaker

Once you have ensured that all electrical appliances have been switched off, switch on your circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker keeps tripping, it is likely that you have an electrical wiring or earthing issue. In that case, you might require an electrical wiring repair or replacement. If your circuit breaker does not trip however, carefully enable your appliances and see which one sparks or pops. After you have pinpointed the defective appliance, disconnect it from the electric circuit and have it repaired or replaced.

In case neither your circuit breaker nor appliance blows or sparks after you have switched them on, it is possible that you have an overload caused by the power trip you are trying to prevent from recurring. In that event, avoid plugging in multiple devices simultaneously or connect them to electrical outlets with a lower voltage rate.    


Some Important Safety Precautions To Follow When Resolving A Power Trip 

In order for you to avoid sustaining electrical shocks at home while resolving your power trip, see to it that neither your hands nor your floor is wet since water is considered a conductor of electricity. Be sure to also make use of proper safety gear like footwear made of insulating material. Do not also forget to disable your electric supply so that you can avoid making contact with any live wires.

Following the general electrical safety tips mentioned above is extremely vital for you to avoid sustaining any form of injury. Not only that, but it can keep you from causing permanent damage to your electrical devices and home appliance products as well.   



A power trip is never an easy task to resolve. Thus, if you are experiencing difficulty doing so, call Everyworks Singapore for assistance. Our reliable electricians can help you identify the source of your power trip issues so that it will not recur in the future. Besides that, we can provide you with other electrical services which you might require. To find out more about our servicing costs, check out our price list on our official website. 


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