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7 Causes of A Blinking Aircon Light and How to Solve It

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Residential and commercial aircons are complex appliances that can be damaged due to environmental factors. For instance, the collection of dirt and debris on the outside grill could significantly affect the way your unit performs. Normally, a blinking aircon light occurs when any environment-related damage occurs on the unit. This is meant to indicate to the user that an aircon repair is required. In relation to this, we have listed seven possible reasons why aircon light could blink and how to solve them.


7 Possible Reasons for A Blinking Aircon Light

Inadequate Air Circulation

If an installed aircon is not circulating air well, you might be facing an aircon not cold problem. The common reason behind this issue is the incorrect placing of the unit or a defective aircon motor. In that case, it is best that you check the error code shown by the unit in the user’s handbook. Many modern aircons have a function to display an error message on their remote control or control display panel. If the error code is not written in the handbook, however, seeking help from a professional air conditioning service is the best option to take.


Aircon Refrigerant Leak


Refrigerant gas maintains the optimal performance of an aircon that is installed. If this is lacking, condensation may take place which could lead to the condenser freezing and causing an aircon leak. Insufficient refrigerant might even harm the compressor unit, and cause a hissing noise to be produced.

An aircon gas top-up is a common solution used to restore proper refrigerant levels. If you engage a reputable aircon servicing company, they can solve the refrigerant leak and other aircon problems you are facing through this service. Take note that refrigerant leaks are threatening your health and the environment. Thus, it is ideal to call an aircon servicing company once you notice that your aircon refrigerant is leaking.


Blocked Air Filters


It is important to clean your aircon filters to keep the evaporator unit functioning well and ensure the release of clean and strong air. If your aircon is left uncleaned, it can collect dirt, dust, and other contaminants which will make your aircon prone to experience blockages and a bad aircon smell.

Regular cleaning of aircon filters is important to prevent clogged airflow in the evaporator coils. Not properly maintaining the evaporator coils will cause them to freeze. Eventually, water leaks will take place once the coils melt.

When your unit needs to undergo a thorough cleaning, it is highly recommended to engage a professional to perform an aircon chemical overhaul.


Frozen Evaporator Coils


As soon as you notice that your aircon leaks water, it is ideal to resolve this aircon emergency right away. This could be due to frozen evaporator coils as a result of problems in the ducts.

To see if your evaporator fan coils have become frozen, open your unit’s front panel and check if it has created a layer of ice. If so, immediately turn off the aircon compressor until the temperature of the evaporator increases. Should this problem continue, however, you should call a professional aircon servicing company for assistance.


Lack of Aircon Maintenance


It is important to provide the right amount of maintenance for your installed aircon. Otherwise, it could suffer from problems and eventually malfunction. Proper maintenance will ensure that your unit remains clean and does not experience any aircon cooling problems.

There are times when a flashing light is a sign that your aircon must be serviced. For blocked air filters, try to troubleshoot the aircon issue or call an aircon servicing company.


Wrong Placement of Aircon

If the installation of your Daikin aircon was done by technicians who do not have enough skills and experience, the light of your aircon unit will start blinking which means that it was not properly installed. If you experience this, it is ideal to know the source of the issue by decoding the error code displayed in the user’s manual. It is highly recommended to call a reputable aircon service provider to help you as they can easily diagnose any issues with your unit and make sure it functions smoothly once again.


Electrical Fault


If your aircon encounters an electrical fault, there may be damage either to the PCB (power circuit board) or the electrical wires. You can confirm this by doing the following:

  • Check the user’s manual: To start troubleshooting your aircon problem, scan through the manual and study the error code/s displayed by your unit.
  • Inspect the printed circuit board: One common reason why an aircon compressor malfunction is due to moisture or water inside the PCB. If the PCB is clean, leave it as it is. If you see any dirt, carefully wipe it off with a cotton cloth and alcohol.
  • Inspect the electrical wirings: If the aircon is releasing air, then it might be because of an internal issue. Inspect the unit for any blown parts. Look through the electrical wiring protection parts if your installed aircon does not turn on. This could indicate the presence of a blown fuse or breaker. Additionally, check the ground wiring that is designed to protect the unit against any transient surges.

If your aircon experiences the same problems, it is ideal to hire a reputable aircon servicing provider. They have the technical skills and equipment needed to fix any issues with your unit.


How To Solve Aircon Light Blinking Problems

Study The Error Code

Most modern aircon models have lights that are designed to blink so as to indicate any errors that are present.

For this process, begin by browsing through your aircon guide to look for the error codes displayed by your unit. Error codes give out important details to assist you in determining the main reason for your aircon problems. If you have multiple aircons made by different brands, keep in mind that each error code differs for each aircon brand and model. Thus, it is best that you only check the user’s manual for each unit.

You can also check the manual for troubleshooting guidelines. However, hiring a professional is still the best choice if you want to make sure that your aircon does not experience any further issues.


See If Your Aircon Has Loose Electrical Wires

If there is an unexpected power consumption or unusual power load from your Daikin aircon, the unit’s light will start blinking. The issue might be due to problems with the PCB or electrical wiring. Fixing this issue requires insulation and continuity tests which must be performed by a professional aircon technician.

In case the PCB or power cable is determined to be faulty, it is advisable to change it immediately. To secure your aircon unit and other appliances from encountering another power overload, try installing an aircon socket.


See If Other Symptoms Are Present

If the light of your Mitsubishi aircon blinks even if the temperature outside is warm and the compressor is turned on, chances are high that your aircon condenser needs to be serviced. Servicing needs to be done at least once a year to maintain your unit’s performance. Furthermore, it will help you save money and guarantee a convenient life.



If you notice that your aircon light starts blinking, it might be due to issues such as inadequate air ventilation, aircon leaks, blocked air filters, freezing evaporator coils, lack of aircon maintenance, and wrong placement of aircon, and electrical errors. For you to resolve your aircon problems, take note of the error code that is displayed by your unit and study its meaning in the provided user’s manual. If this issue persists, do not hesitate to contact a reliable aircon servicing company like Everyworks Singapore. We have well-trained experts who are equipped with the latest aircon repair tools and can fix your aircon light blinking problem in no time.


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