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5 Ways To Reduce Loud Aircon Noise



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A sign that your aircon compressor needs aircon servicing is when your aircon starts making loud noises such as clicking, screeching, or clanging. If not prevented, it can also lead to your aircon leaking water. Fortunately, we have listed down a few easy steps you can try to reduce aircon noise before you contact a professional:


Secure Any Loose Screws


The screws of your installed aircon can loosen after a long period of usage because of the vibrations that occur when it is running. These can cause a rattling sound that can be very loud and disturbing. Whenever you notice that your aircon model has loose screws, the ideal thing to do is to seek help from experts to detect the primary cause of the aircon noise.

Singaporeans often choose the best technicians that offer HDB aircon, condo aircon, and office aircon services. They will propose an aircon repair solution that is fitted to thoroughly fix your aircon issues.


Make Use of A Sound Blanket

A sound blanket can reduce the loud aircon noise from your aircon by 30 to 50 percent. It can also be a convenient option if you do not have any space to move your installed aircons. A sound blanket, contrary to people’s usual perception, can actually maintain a consistent temperature throughout the whole room. It does not restrict the flow of air since it insulates the aircon compressor.


Set Up A Noise Barrier Around Your Aircon

Be it an inverter or a non-inverter aircon, your unit can still become noisy when not properly taken care of after a long period of usage. However, you can create a fence or a barrier between your homes and the aircon. Singaporeans opt to choose this solution when reducing noise because it can also prevent unwanted dust and debris getting stuck in the inverter aircon or the aircon condenser.

In situations like these, it is ideal to let the professionals do it. If you try to solve the noisy aircon issue by yourself, you can cause further harm to your units.


Clean Up All Debris from The Blades


Dirt and debris can get stuck in the blades of your installed aircon and be the main cause of the noise it emits. You can easily detach the aircon cabinet to look for debris stuck in the fan blades. A simple aircon cleaning can be done and if it works, your problem is solved. However, if you do not have enough time to perform this task, you can contact an aircon servicing company to perform normal aircon servicing. Their expert technicians can do all the work for you with the guaranteed best output.


Connect A Hose/Duct to The Drainage


It is usual to hear water dripping from your aircon units and is often not a sign that your aircon needs servicing. You can get rid of the water dripping noise just by attaching a hose to the aircon fan coil drainage. However, if your problem is aircon leaking water, then you should contact a professional aircon servicing for the installation of a water tray.



The usual kinds of aircon noises may require simple solutions and you can perform DIY aircon troubleshooting before the problem gets worse. However, if you do not want to cause further damage and if you do not have enough time to do the troubleshooting properly by yourself, then you should try to call an expert like Everyworks Singapore to do the job for you. We have the best technicians for every kind of aircon issue and we offer our services at a budget-friendly price.


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This article is reproduced from DW Aircon Servicing Singapore.

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