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5 Signs You Require Aircon Servicing

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Nearly every household rely on air conditioners for a more conducive home. It is important that you schedule regular aircon check-ups. Doing so helps to maintain its efficiency and performance and prevents common aircon problems from occurring. You can check our list of aircon handyman services to determine if your aircon is due for a check-up or maintenance.

Listed below are some of the common aircon conditioner problems and solutions.


Issues Caused By Lack of Aircon Maintenance

Lack of maintenance will result in common aircon issues such as the following:


Aircon Cannot Turn On


If you have not maintained your aircon in a long time, eventually, you will not be able to turn it on. This could be a result of a blown fuse or a loose wiring that is stopping your aircon from getting power.

When this happens, you should ensure your power supply is properly plugged in and your aircon remote control batteries are still working. If you recently experienced a power trip, you should also ensure none of the switches on your circuit breaker are off. If you have done these troubleshooting methods but none of them work, it may be better for you to call an aircon servicing company to help you determine the problem. They would be able to identify and solve the problem by either performing aircon servicing or aircon repairs.


Lack of Cold Aircon Air


Aircon not cold is another problem you should not ignore. This may be caused by faulty thermostat, dirty evaporator filters or coils or an inadequate compressor gas.

If your aircon is not cold, it could be because the efficiency of your aircon has been compromised and requires aircon maintenance servicing. However, it would be more convenient to hire a handyman to clean and maintain your aircon.


Creating Noises

When you turn your aircon on and you hear a whirring or other unusual kinds of aircon noises, it means that your aircon requires immediate attention.

When this happens, you should engage either a handyman or a professional aircon company to troubleshoot the problem. A handyman’s ability to solve common aircon problems is one of the reasons why a handyman is handy.


Water Leaks


Water leakages may happen due to an improper aircon installation. However, other reasons like blocked water drainage channels due to debris or rust can also contribute to the leaks.

When this happens, you can engage cheap handyman services in Singapore to do a thorough cleaning of your aircon.


Faulty Aircon Compressor


Oftentimes, you will find your aircon compressor outside of your house, near your installed aircon. If your aircon compressor seems faulty or defective, you should engage an air conditioning service to inspect it.


How Frequently Should You Do Aircon Servicing?

You should conduct regular aircon servicing if you use your aircon on a daily basis. If you use yours less frequently, quarterly aircon servicing will work just as well.

It is important to conduct regular aircon servicing to optimize your aircon’s efficiency and performance. You should not ignore aircon problems as it can result in higher repair costs and electricity bills.



It is extremely important to do regular aircon maintenance, especially if you are using it on a daily basis. Doing so prevents common problems such as not being able to turn your aircon on, inadequate cooling, noisy or leaking aircon, and a defective aircon compressor. Hence, it is vital for you to arrange regular aircon servicing to ensure it always works on an optimal level. You can also consider hiring Everyworks Singapore to solve such problems for you. Here is a list of our handyman services price for your reference.


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