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5 Signs Homeowners Need to Replace Their Drawer Handle

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Drawer handles are as important as door knobs but homeowners often misuse them. Consequently, they are very prone to damage and become extremely inconvenient to use. In extreme circumstances, it may even hinder you from performing vital tasks. Hence, it is advisable that you know when your drawer handle requires a replacement.

Some of the benefits of knowing when you require a handle replacement include being able to use your drawer more easily and prevent any inconveniences from occurring. Thus, you should take note of the following signs which indicate when you need to replace your handle. If you notice these signs, you should immediately call a professional handyman to replace them.


Damaged Handle


A damaged drawer and wardrobe handle may be more difficult to identify than it seems. Sometimes, a handle may appear to be working in an optimal condition but actually contains internal damages. Such damages include:

  • Loose Missing Screws

When a drawer handle has been used for a long time, it can cause the screws to loosen. If the screws appear to be in good conditions, reaffixing them might still be an option. Otherwise, you will have to change them with a newer model. If your local hardware stores do not sell the screws you need, hiring a handyman in Singapore to change your drawer handle might be the only option you have.

  • Unusual Noises

If there are any unusual noises like squeaking or rattling noises whenever your drawer handle is used, it could mean that your drawer or lever handle is loose or requires lubrication. When this happens, there is a likelihood that you will need to change your drawer handle. However, this is dependent on whether or not your professional handyman or locksmith is able to repair the handle. 

  • Broken Handle

Just like when you replace your home’s spoilt door handles, it is always better to replace your drawer handle if it looks broken. Failure to do so may result in minor accidents such as scarring when you touch the broken metal handle. A damaged wooden handle can also cause splinters which could be painful and difficult to remove. 


Sticky Handle


A sticky handle, like a loose lever handle, is another problem often faced by homeowners. This is often caused by accumulated dirt and grease build-up on the handle. You can try restoring the handle to its initial state by cleaning these build-ups with special liquid solutions. However, if the grime on the handle is too hard to remove, engaging a cheap handyman service to replace it might be the best solution. 


Loose Handle


Drawer handles are made of either plastic or metallic coated polymer which are glued to the drawer panel to enable users to open and close the drawer.  However, it often loosen after some time. This could be a result of fallen nuts or screws. If your loose handle is still not working optimally even after you have retightened the screws, you should quickly engage cheap handyman services to replace it as soon as possible.


Stuck Handle

Similar to wardrobe knobs and handles, a drawer handle also needs to be detached for thorough cleaning. This process is supposed to be performed quickly and easily. However, if you still experience difficulties when trying to unfasten your drawer handle, it could be a sign that the screws have already rusted. When this happens, you will need to replace the entire handle.

You should hire an experienced handyman in door handle installation or replacement to assist you in safely removing your stuck drawer handle. You should not attempt to do it yourself as you may unintentionally hurt yourself.



In conclusion, if you are experiencing damaged, broken, sticky, loose, or stuck drawer handles, you should have them checked and replaced.  You can also contact Everyworks Singapore to do so. Our professional workers will ensure that a newer and more durable model is affixed to your drawer so that you can use it more easily. You can refer to our handyman services price list for reference.


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