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5 Reasons to Have Your Door Knob Replaced

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Many homeowners like the benefits of constant home maintenance. When maintaining your home, everyone is responsible to do a particular task. Keep in mind that frequently maintaining your home is an important thing to do to keep it safe and convenient. Nonetheless, several homeowners do not replace their door knobs until their door lock system is faulty and unable to repair which causes difficulties for other people.

Keep in mind that it is ideal to regularly replace your door knobs at least once a year. Door knob replacements must be done when you notice specific signs:

We have listed several factors when you should replace your door knobs:


Recent Break-In

If there is a current burglary or break-in into your home is a sign of a door knob replacement with a more delicate door lock system. Many times, intruders will cause serious harm to the door locks since they try to make a forced entry into your home.

Considering that you have a door knob with a sturdy door look system, and if burglars might achieve in smashing your door locks, you can exit through your back door. As a result, solid door locks play an important function in enhancing your home security. Just remember that intruders can do anything to make your door locks fragile while trying to enter your home. As a matter of fact, most of them put in extra force to reduce your lock’s strength. Therefore, inform your landlord about the impaired knobs as soon as possible. In that case, they will install new door knobs that are much more durable.


Lost or Stolen Keys


Normally, a person who robbed your keys could have details about your household like your address, or use advanced technology to track down where you live. When you lose your keys it can threaten your safety as you lose control of your home’s security system as well. Therefore, avoid assuming that no one can track down your home within a short period of time and burglarize your important items like your installed tv, gadgets, or jewelry.

Every tenant must notify their landlord as soon as possible after you have lost their keys, thus they can replace your locks. Once you have immediately replaced your door lock’s mechanism, thus having a low chance for burglars to enter your property. Thus, hire a professional handyman to replace your locks as soon as possible if you notice that your keys have been stolen.


Loose Door Knob

Do you feel safe when you give it a small amount of pull to your door locks? If not, this is the perfect time to consider installing a new door knob. Keep in mind that when you leave your door knobs open, there is a high chance that intruders may break into your home. Expert robbers can take only a couple of minutes to access your home, which makes you have a hard time ensuring your safety or even notifying the officials. Hence, it is important to do any door lock repairs that deal with your home’s security.


Knob Fails To Turn Smoothly


Do you find it hard when opening your door? Your door locks might be experiencing damages that will require replacement. Just like door handles, door knobs are created to turn easily, hence if you encounter any door issues when you are turning them, it is best to go for a replacement to guarantee your protection. To protect your home it is highly suggested to repair or replace your door knobs.


Old Door Knobs


There are several property managers or homeowners who fail to notice the age of their door handle or door knob. Keep in mind that old and rusty door knobs put you more at risk. Regardless if your aged door lock mechanism looks to be working well, it is advisable to have them replaced with a newer model that has advanced security. Having them replaced will guarantee that you are secure from burglars as well as those with complex door lock picking procedures.



Door locks may seem like nothing to some people, although in reality, it plays a huge role when it comes to your privacy, safety, and security. When you are experiencing difficulties with your door knobs, it is highly advisable to have them replaced as damaged knobs are hard to deal with. Damaged knobs are caused by recent break-ins, missing keys, unsafe knobs, sturdy knobs, and aged knobs. To ensure that your door knobs are professionally replaced, give us a call at Everyworks Singapore. Our efficient handyman services can provide you a perfect door knob installation with more advanced security.


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This article was reproduced from A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore.

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