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4 Dangers You Should Know About DIY Knob Installation

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Professional handymen who are capable of door knob installation and locksmiths are highly accessible in Singapore. Having said that, some homeowners still prefer to install their door knobs themselves so that they would be able to cut costs. Even though it may seem ideal to install your door knobs yourself, doing so can pose a lot of dangers which include:


Loose Door Knob Components



A door knob consists of various movable components that must work together to function properly. If you install and replace your door lock and door knob yourself, there is a risk of you loosening some of these components. Sometimes, this damage may even render the knob completely useless.
Hence, it is advisable that you engage a professional to install your door knobs and handles for you. This minimise the risk of irreparable damages and guarantees your door knobs and handles work optimally as no essential components are loosen.


Misaligned Lock


A door knob’s locking mechanisms need to be properly aligned so that it locks on the right side and functions correctly. However, this is an oversight for most homeowners. Consequently, they are locked out of their homes after installing their door knobs. Fortunately, you can easily avoid this problem by engaging a professional handyman or locksmith for any door knob installations.


Incorrect Drilling


Similar to door handles installation, you will need to do some drilling when installing your door knobs so that they are secured properly. Unfortunately, homeowners tend to damage and loosen their door knobs in the process of doing so themselves because they have insufficient drilling experience. Drilling holes in a door knob requires various technical procedures, most of which may be difficult for you to understand and perform without adequate training. Thus, it would be better for you to seek help from a professional handyman with your door knob installation. You should also research some tips on hiring a reliable handyman to ensure quality workmanship.


Wrong Door Measurements

You should always remember to measure your door handles and knobs properly prior to installing them so that you can prevent any problems when opening or closing the door. Many homeowners often face this problem as they forgot to take the necessary measurements. Consequently, opening and closing the door becomes a hassle. The best way to avoid this problem and other common door knob issues is by engaging a professional to install your door knob for you.




Engaging a professional door knobs and door handles installer can prevent common door lock problems like loose door knob components, misaligned lock, improper drilling and incorrect door measurements from occurring. Hence, you should not hesitate to engage door knob installation services such as the ones offered by Everyworks. We would be able to install your door knob securely and efficiently. We also offer such services at an affordable price.


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